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Optoma TW610Sti Projector - Performance

Posted on July 19, 2013 by 

Optoma TW610Sti Projector - Brightness

It's now time to explore the projectors performance in terms of brightness. This is an area that the majority of projector buyers are focused on the most after determing what resolution and aspect ratio they want. Just about every projector does not meet, or exceed, the manufacturers specifications. The reasons for this are many, but in this section of the review I will provide my findings when testing the light ouput in all the projectors different color and brightness modes.

Projectors do have different modes you can set in the menu system. These are just presets the manufacturer feels will give the best quality image, given the particular type of content you plan to show. In Presentation Mode, the TW610Sti produced 1794 lumens. I also want to mention, that I measured this projector the same way I would measure any projectors brightness, which is to rest the meter flat against the screen. Please note that if the meter is pointed towards the lens, it produces light output levels that were not realistic, considering the specifications and light technology.


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In Bright mode, the TW610Sti closely lived up to its manufacturer specifications by producing 2896 lumens of light. Definitely a bright image, that could perform well in almost any indoor setting, even if the rooms walls were 75 percent window. This mode, however, does reduce the life of the lamp by an estimated 1000 hours.

Movie Mode dropped the brightness levels down to 1551. This is comepletely normal, as the projector drops the brightness, to try and produce a blacker black in dark scenes. Srgb Mode dropped brightness to its lowest level, at 878. Blackboard Mode bumped up light output, producing 2092 lumens. Finally, Classroom Mode came in at 1233 lumens.

Optoma TW610Sti Projector - Audible Noise

When evaluating the projector's audible noise, I often look for how many times I noticed the projector working while I was evaluating the projector. The specs show that in the projectors Bright Mode it produces 31dB, and 29dB in its Low Brightness Mode. Projectors often have a lower brightness mode to extend the life of the lamp. If you can use the Low Brightness Mode, and still produce a great image, given your environment, I would recommend using it.

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