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Image Noise

Posted on October 2, 2013 by Art Feierman

Image Noise

As one would expect, image noise is not a problem. That is typical of just about all 1080p projectors. Jaggies are handled fine, and when it comes to things like motion artifacts, remember, not only does the PT-AE3000U support 24 fps (no 3:2 pulldown), but does creative frame interpolation to make fast moving objects smoother. Mosquito noise (seen in relatively stationary bright areas), is minimal, and less than most DLP projectors (which tend to have more than 3LCD projectors). If you are an absolute perfectionist, there is a noise reduction control, but I never found the need to engage it.

Audible Noise

Panasonic claims 22db noise level in low lamp mode, and that is extremely quiet although not the quietest (17 db). Figure another 4-6 db for full lamp power, which still makes it 5-7 db quieter than the noisier projectors (mostly DLP projectors). No one should have any issue with the PT-AE3000U when it comes to fan noise, not even with lamp on standard.

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