Projector Reviews

RGB Settings


Red 1
Green 0
Blue 0


Red -2
Green 0
Blue 0

As I predicted, we didn’t have to change the color balance any significant degree, thanks to the excellent color accuracy right out of the box.

We also did our “quick calibration” to Normal and Dynamic modes. In these cases, we are not trying for a perfect grayscale balance, but to tweak these settings for a slightly more watchable image. (That might include reducing a strong green if it’s way over the top). Over the top greens give you an image with more lumens, yet still leaves the red/blue balance where you want it. It’s a good way to pump out more lumens and cut through more ambient light. As they say, though, too much of anything probably isn’t good, and manufacturers often seem to go a little to far, detracting from watchability.

For Normal Mode: Blue contrast reduced 0 to -14.
For Dynamic Mode: Blue contrast reduced to -12, and green reduced from 0 to -10.