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Panasonic home theater projector performance -2

Posted on September 19, 2005 by Art Feierman

The Main picture menu has most of the classic controls - brightness, contrast, tint, and the like. Also there are the off/on for the dynamic Iris, Noise reduction, Cinema Reality mode (off/on), and color temperature. Lastly you can save and load user preferences


Panasonic PTAE900u




alibrating your projector, you'll love the Advanced menu, with separate gamma settings for low, mid and bright, and separate contrast and brightness each, for Red, Green, and Blue. Looks like a serious calibration can be done without having to mess with the "service menus" where we aren't supposed to visit.

Lot's of different items here, from controlling the on screen display (including position), but also front/back/ceiling/table position. In addition, you can control fan speed for high altitude (or very warm rooms), and lamp brightness.


Projector Lamp Life

The manual indicates that lamp life is 2700 hours in full power, with the Iris on. (which dims the lamp as needed, so with Iris off (why?) the lamp life is probably lower.

Choosing a projection screen

The projector looks great on most screens. I viewed it with different types of content, on my 128" diagonal Stewart Firehawk (light gray surface, high contrast, and a gain of 1.35). The Panasonic projector in full power mode looks just fine on that large a screen. I would feel comfortable recommending the Panasonic even on a 1.0 gain screen (no gain) on sizes to 110" diagonal. Of course the darker your walls, the brighter your projector will look!

If you go 92" or less, you'll probably run the projector a low power, or, go with a darker gray screen, to enhance the blacks.

Projector Noise

I can't recall the claim, but it has to be down around 22-23db - in full power mode. It is the quietest projector I have tested to date, quieter than the BenQ PE7700 and the Optoma H78DC3. Noise - is not an issue, period!

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