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Panasonic PT-RW430UK Summary

Posted on September 12, 2013 by 

Bottom Line

Hybrid LED/laser projectors are becoming popular in the multimedia projector field due to their long lamp life.  However, there is often a trade-off with color accuracy being mediocre in most modes.  Not so with the Panasonic PT-RW430UK.  This projector has the best color balance and depth I’ve seen to date in an LED/Laser hybrid and does so with one of the best contrast ratios as well.  While the best color only comes with the lowest lumen output modes, it is still more than adequate in the higher modes.

For its rather modest price, the PT-RW430UK packs a lot of features.  The horizontal and vertical lens shift, 2.0 zoom and 360 degree installation ability provide great installation flexibility.  It has all the most important inputs, extensive network control capability and the ability to both project and be controlled through a single LAN cable, even in 3D.  It can be mated with other RW430U’s to display larger images with seamless transition in brightness and color between the projectors.  There is nothing to maintain and it can be installed and put in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This is where I would usually compare the PT-RW430UK to a similar projector in its class, but in this case, there really isn’t one.  There are other hybrids in this price range, but they either don’t have anywhere near the brightness or few of the features of the PT-RW430UK.

LED/Laser projectors are really the wave of the future in the multimedia and digital signage industries, where the projectors are used for many hours a year and low maintenance is at a premium.  They have been getting better with each one I’ve seen, but the Panasonic PT-RW430UK really represents a major step forward in picture quality and flexibility.  It’s well deserving of a Hot Product award.

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  • Very good brightness and color balance
  • Very sharp image with any resolution
  • 24/7 operation
  • DICOM picture mode for medical educational purposes
  • Side-by-side display and multiple projector merged display
  • Vertical mounting capability
  • Full 3D capability
  • Virtually maintenance-free


  • Large drop in brightness for anything but black and white images

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