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Philips PicoPix Max Projector Review-Picture Quality

Posted on November 6, 2020 by Jarrod Buckley

Philips PicoPix Max Projector Review – Picture Quality: Color Modes, Video Quality, Black Levels and Shadow Detail

Color Modes

The above shots are intended to give only a rough idea of the color accuracy for each picture mode. However, when viewed in person the color accuracy will generally look somewhat better than shown in these photos. The images show the difference in color and skin tones, for the different preset picture modes.

There are three factory color presets. The following observations were generally made with the projector using its factory default picture settings.

  • Presentation Picture Mode: This is the brightest picture mode. It produces a brighter, cooler image. This mode would be most appropriate for displaying presentation materials where color accuracy was not of great concern and the room has a large amount of ambient light.
  • Normal Picture Mode: This is the second brightest mode. It produces a warmer but darker image than the presentation mode
  • Energy Saver Picture Mode: As the name implies, this is the darkest picture mode, aimed at conserving battery power.

For those who want to further fine tune the PicoPix Max color reproduction, the projector has brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness adjustments.

Video Quality

The PicoPix Max has a limited number of picture modes that force you to choose between battery life and image quality (plugging the unit into the charger while watching makes the decision easier). The presentation mode is the brightest, but I preferred to use the “normal” mode while gaming and watching video content. Both modes provide an acceptable picture when viewed in a room with minimal ambient light. All three picture modes seem to be the same, regardless of whether or not the projector is plugged in.

Above are shots of a variety of HD videos and photos. Like all our photos, they remain unadjusted for color, so they do not look as good as what the projector produced.

Overall, the video picture quality was good for a portable projector at this price point. While not perfect, the overall color accuracy was very good, with natural looking skin tones, and reasonable image contrast. The projector works best with minimal ambient light, but still produces a decent image with a corner lamp or window with the blinds drawn. It would not be my first choice as a designated home theater projector, but the versatility provided by all of the other features make up for the slightly less bright image.

The PicoPix Max has a claimed dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1. The PicoPix Max’s black levels were not quite a pure black, but very close, and give the image a pleasing contrast.

The native Full HD (1,920 x1,080) resolution of the PicoPix Max results in good text clarity. I did notice the need to refocus the projector a few times while gaming in order to read some smaller text, but even on my 4K TV, the same text is on the borderline of readability.

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