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InFocus Introduces IN136UST and IN134UST Projectors – Press Release

October 2nd, 2013 admin Comments by Projector Reviews staff: Ultra short throw and white board mountable, the new IN136UST and IN134UST  projectors from InFocus are ideal for the classroom.  Read on for more info. from InFocus. P R E S S   R E L E A S E InFocus Unveils Two New Low Cost Ultra Short Throw Projectors A great solution for the classroom, it provides an easier way to install and run cable from the teacher’s desk to the projector. PORTLAND, OR–(Marketwired – September 11, 2013) – InFocus, a leading manufacturer of interactive touchscreen devices and digital display technology, has released two new ultra short throw projectors. The projectors, the IN134UST and IN136UST, feature an ultra short throw lens, which creates a large image when installed only inches from the wall. This nearly eliminates shadows, reduces fading caused by ambient light and prevents the lamp from shining in the presenter’s face. A great solution for the classroom, it provides an easier way to install and run cable from the teacher’s desk to the projector. The projectors can be mounted over already-installed whiteboards or interactive whiteboards with the new PRJ-WALLKIT-13, an ultra-short throw wall arm mount. They also feature 3D technology that supports numerous platforms, including computers, 3D Blu-ray and 3D content from cable and dish providers. The ultra-short throw projectors also come with powerful, built-in 20-watt speakers “Our new line of ultra short throw projectors offers unparalleled video quality and high brightness without distractions, making them perfect for educational and business settings,” said Robert Detwiler, Product Manager of InFocus. “They are great for situations in which dimming the lights is not ideal. These projectors make presentation easy, pairing impeccable image quality with outstanding audio and 3D technologies.” The IN136UST WXGA projector can project a 100-inch image at up to 3300 lumens from a distance of only 16.6 inches. The IN134UST is capable of projecting XGA-quality video at up to 2800 lumens onto an 85-inch surface from a distance of just 16.4 inches. Both projectors are available at a low cost, making them affordable yet high-quality solutions for schools, organizations and businesses of all sizes. The series can project 1.07 billion colors at a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, ensuring the most vivid pictures, the darkest blacks and the brightest whites. While running in Eco Mode, the ultra short throw projectors reduce power consumption and extend lamp life to up to 8,000 hours, making for a more sustainable solution. “Our short throw projectors have been designed for quality, versatility and affordability,” said Detwiler. “They offer the highest image quality across a wide range of lighted environments. The IN130UST series is compact enough to be portable, yet powerful enough to mount. This makes them perfect for just about any application.” Both projector models are available now. To learn more about the IN130UST series of ultra short throw projectors, visit or contact your preferred reseller. About InFocus Corp. InFocus leads with creative solutions for successful visual collaboration in large venues, conference rooms, classrooms and workstations throughout the world. In 2011, the company created the Mondopad, a giant touch PC/tablet hybrid that makes content more immersive, audiences more involved and every interaction more engaging, as it brings together all of the collaboration tools people need to visually present, capture and share ideas.  

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