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Best Home Theater Projectors of 2008 - 1080p Projector Review

Posted on November 12, 2008 by Art Feierman

The organization of this home theater projector report

For the most part this report follows the same writing process as individual reviews. Five separate pages: Overview, Image Quality, General Performance, Warranty and Summary. There is also the "Best In Class" Awards page, which lists each award category, the projectors that won the various awards, and multiple paragraphs on each of those, with my thoughts on why they were selected. Finally there are a number of direct comparisons, between two or more competing projectors. For this report, as was the case last year, the Summary Page will primarily serve as to list the various direct comparison pages.

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This year there have been far more 1080p home theater projectors to review, and far more reviews were completed, than for last year's report.

While we were unable to review all the major projectors, (especially in the $4000 plus range), I count a total of 20 projectors considered in three categories. Of that amount, full reviews were done on 16 of these 1080p projectors.

The 1080p Home Theater Projector award winners

Here are the projectors that have been reviewed, as well as sibling projectors that are almost identical, that I have considered, despite not personally reviewing them. Those with an * after the model, are those "sibling" projectors that were not phyically reviewed, but are very similar to reviewed projectors. They are listed, roughly by selling price, lowest to highest.

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