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1080p Projector Review 2008 - Summary and Comparison Reviews

Posted on March 14, 2008 by Art Feierman

1080p Home Theater Projectors: Summary and Comparisons

Following last year's report, I will use the same format for the summary page. Here's how I'll tackle it:

It will focus on some obvious comparisons between similarly priced projectors, and in some cases comparing less expensive to more expensive home theater projectors, to help you determine whether spending more is worthwhile.

Please remember, every one of these projectors can put an image on your screen that will just dazzle your friends, and for that matter, satisfy all but the most critical of you, and the real enthusiast. That's not to say that there aren't real differences here. Think this way. You've never owned a luxury car. Without test driving others you plunk down for a $50,000+ Lexus. You love it. However, it may not be the best car overall, or even for you, but it performs so well that you have no real complaints. On the other hand, if you also test drove the comparable Infiniti, the BMW 760, as well as the Mercedes and Cadillac competition, you might prefer one or more of those over the Lexus. Each has strengths and weaknesses compared to the others. And, I guess in fairness, some of these are Honda Acccords, and Mazda 6s and Camrys.

Fortunately almost all of us can live happily ever after with almost any of these.

That's going to be the case here, so, with one exception, don't expect me to make your life easy by saying. "This is the only one to buy". Life just isn't that simple.

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