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Mitsubishi HC4900 vs Sanyo PLV-Z2000

Posted on July 22, 2007 by Art Feierman
Here are two excellent 1080p home theater projectors, that, at the moment, are the least expensive 1080p projectors on the market. While similar in some ways, they are drastically different in others. This results in a comparison that should make for some clear cut choices for consumers. Where these two differ is so great, that most people considering this pair, should find it easy to decide which is best for them.

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Mitsubishi Specs
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Zoom Lens Ratio
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Lamp Life

The Sanyo PLV-Z2000 picked up our Best In Class, Runner-Up, award for the entry level 1080p projectors. The Mitsubishi HC4900, received our Special Interest Award, as we consider that its unique abilities will generate a large following of very happy owners.

Both projectors have 2:1 zoom lenses, and vertical and horizontal lens shift. If one will work for you, in your room from a placement standpoint, the other almost certainly will. And both of these offer about as much placement flexibility as any home theater projectors out there today.

True, the HC4900's zoom, focus and lens shift are motorized, while the PLV-Z2000's are manual, but for most, it's set it up once, and you're done. I seriously doubt that the motorized aspects of the Mitsubishi will sway anyone to buy it over the Sanyo, still, it's a nice touch.

Both are 3LCD projectors. The two typically sell within about $200 dollars of each other, now, in March of 2008. Of course, prices will change, throughout the year.

Then, there is the audible noise factor. Talk about close, I believe these are the two quietest 1080p projectors currently shipping (Mitsubishi's more expensive HC6000 is just as quiet as the HC4900). Even with the lamps at full power, they are both quieter than most other projectors in their low lamp (eco) modes, and dramatically quieter than many others in full power mode. Anyone with a problem with the audible noise of either of these, simply will have to wait a generation or three, before they are happy.

When it comes to remote controls, I considered both to be good ones, although the Sanyo's remote has a little better range than the HC4900's remote control.

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