List of Reviewed Projectors Included in the 2016-17 Classroom Projector Report

Below we have four charts outlining all the projectors considered in this year’s report, divided into four categories:
  1. Standard classroom projectors
  2. Interactive  Projectors
  3. Pocket/small LED projectors for the mobile educator
  4. Larger venue projectors – suitable for higher ed large classrooms, K-12 auditoriums
We separately show those winners from the past two years, that are still shipping.  You should also consider those as top choices, especially now that projectors are more likely to be current models for 2-4 years, rather than 1-3 years.  Instead of more new models, we see more price adjustments as brighter models (or those having a new feature or two) tend to replace less bright ones at the same price point.We wish to thank Epson America for sponsoring this year’s Best Classroom Projectors report. On the following pages, we have overviews of each projector, also grouped by category. 

Standard (Classroom) Projectors Considered

To read short overviews, reviews or brochures of all standard classroom projectors considered in this report, click below!

Classroom Projectors
Projector ModelImageOverviewReviewSpecsType
BenQ MX631STBeneQ-MX631ST-glamor shotOverviewReviewSpecsShort-throw, DLP
Casio XJ-V110Wcasio-xjv110wOverviewReviewSpecsDLP, Laser/LED Projection
 Epson EX7240 Epson EX7240 glamor picOverviewReviewSpecs3LCD, WXGA
 Epson 97H Epson Powerlite 97H-Glamor ShotOverviewReviewSpecs3LCD, XGA
 Epson W29 epson-w29OverviewReviewSpecs3LCD, WXGA
 Epson 955WH epson-955whOverviewReviewSpecs3LCD, WXGA
 NEC M363W np-m363w_slantrtOverviewReviewSpecs DLP, WXGA
 ViewSonic PJD-7835HD viewsonic-pjd7835hdOverviewReviewSpecsDLP, 16:9


Standard Classroom Projectors: Still-Current Previous Winners
Projector ModelImageOverviewReviewSpecsType
Casio XJ-V1casio-xjv1OverviewReviewSpecs DLP Technology
Epson Powerlite 99W*epson-99wOverviewReviewSpecsStandard throw, Wired networking
ViewSonic PJD-6350pjd6350_frontOverviewReviewSpecsDLP technology, Wired networking

Large Venue Projectors Considered

To locate the short overviews, reviews and brochures of all larger venue classroom projectors considered in this report, click below!

Larger Venue Projectors
Projector ModelImageOverviewReviewSpecsType
Canon WUX450STCanon WUX450ST-Glamor ShotOverviewReviewSpecsLCoS, short-throw lens
Epson Pro G6550/ G6570epson-g6550OverviewReviewSpecs3LCD, WUXGA
Epson Pro G7905 epson-g6900wu Overview Review Specs 3LCD, WUXGA
NEC P502WL nec-p502wlOverviewReviewSpecsDLP, WXGA
Sony FHZ65 sony-fhz65OverviewReviewSpecs3LCD, WUXGA

A 3 to 4 year “shelf life” is common for projectors in this class.  Prices typically fall significantly over that period.

Larger Venue Projectors: Still-Current Previous Winners
Projector ModelImageOverviewReviewSpecsType
Epson PowerLite Pro 1985WUPowerlite 1985WU_beautyOverviewReviewSpecs3LCD technology, Wired networking
Epson PowerLite Pro G6900WU epson-g6900wuOverviewReviewSpecsStandard throw, Wired networking
Panasonic PT-RZ670Upanasonic-rz670uOverviewReviewSpecsDLP Technology, Wired Networking
Sony VPL-FHZ55 sony-fhz55OverviewReviewSpecsStandard throw, Wired networking

Interactive Projectors Considered

To read short overviews of all the ultra and very short throw projectors considered in this report, click here!

Interactive Projectors
Projector ModelImageOverviewReviewSpecsType
NEC UM352WNEC UM352W - Glamor ShorOverviewReviewSpecs3LCD technology, Interactive
Optoma EH320USTioptoma-eh320ustiOverviewReviewSpecsDLP technology, 1080p

Previous Year’s Winners (still current):

Interactive Projectors: Still-Current Previous Winners
Projector ModelImageOverviewReviewSpecsType
Epson BrightLink 585WiEpson EB-585Wi ProjectorOverviewReviewSpecs3LCD technology, Wired networking
Epson BrightLink 595WiOverviewReviewSpecs3LCD, WXGA resolution

Pocket/Small LED Projectors Considered

To read short overviews of all the pocket/small LED projectors considered in this report, click here!

Pocket/Small LED Projectors
Projector ModelImageOverviewReviewSpecsType
AAXA P700OverviewReviewSpecsDLP technology, LED light source
LG Minibeam PW800OverviewReviewSpecsDLP technology, WXGA resolution
Optoma ML750OverviewReviewSpecsDLP technology, 20000 hour LED lamp life

That concludes the links to all of the projectors that we’ve reviewed in the past year, as well as previous Best In Classroom award winners, that are still current products.

The overviews are on the following pages.  The reviews, and specs (brochures), are on the site but independent of this report.  The reviews are more general business/education/commercial, rather than the overviews here which are more education use focused.

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