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Canon REALiS WUX450ST Projector Review

I consider the Canon Realis WUX450ST to be a rather specialized installation class projector suitable for certain business and education applications.  It uses LCoS imaging technology and a conventional lamp-based light engine.  This model is smaller and lighter than the “heavy metal” class of installation projectors and this model does not support interchangeable lenses, as found on many of the higher-end installation projectors, including several models from Canon   Although some of the Canon product literature says  this model has a 1.35:1 zoom lens, actually it has a 8.8 mm fixed focal length lens providing a throw ratio of 0.56:1.

Canon describes this projector as follows:

“Ideal for a variety of markets and applications including higher education, business, training, digital signage and museums, the Canon REALiS WUX450ST Pro AV LCOS Projector displays large, high-impact images even in challenging installation environments. It can fit comfortably behind a presenter to eliminate long cable runs. The impressive combination of high brightness, short-throw ratio with significant lens shift, all in a compact form factor, allow this projector to stand apart from other short-throw projectors on the market today.”

Canon also offers a REALiS WUX450ST D  that is otherwise the same projector, but with the addition of support for DICOM Simulation picture mode, as used for medical education/training purposes.

The WUX450ST received our special interest award as being a great choice for those potential buyers looking for a business/education/commercial installation-class projector, as long as they can accommodate the fixed 0.56:1 throw ratio this model requires.


The Canon REALis WUX450ST is a high performance short throw projector with a native resolution of WUXGA (1920×1200).  This is a different class of projector than the typical business or education model.  However, the WUX450ST could prove to be one of the better solutions for the technical education market (e.g., educational facilities that teach using high resolution software programs like Autodesk and other 3D modeling, or scientific tools ).  For the business markets this is not the type of projector you would find in a typical conference room.  Rather, it would be appropriate for advanced business/commercial applications including large, high-impact displays, including those using multiple projectors, for digital signage applications, or for other uses requiring a flexible mounting orientation.  I’m sure there are also other business/commercial applications that could benefit from the combination of short throw distance, high resolution and fairly high brightness this projector has to offer.

The WUX450ST is bright, at a manufacturer rated 4500 lumens. For our measured lumens see the performance section of this review where we provide all the readings in the various projection modes. One other thing to mention is that the projector uses LCOS technology, not your typical LCD or DLP image technology.

Wired networking (i.e., Ethernet) support is built-in while wireless (Wi-Fi) requires use of an optional adapter.  This model also supports HDBaseT for network/video/audio connectivity over a single cable.  Being networkable, you will be able to monitor the projector’s status and control the projector’s essential functions right from a computer connected to the same network.

We wish to thank Epson America for sponsoring this year’s Best Classroom Projectors report, in which this projector is considered.


  • Native Widescreen WUXGA Resolution (1920 x 1200)
  • Short Throw Lens with 0.56:1 Throw Ratio
  • LCOS Technology
  • 4500 Rated Lumens
  • 2000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Lens Shift provided for flexible installaton
  • Advanced Color Management System
  • Network-ready RJ-45 Port
  • HDBaseT interface
  • Can be mounted in any orientation
  • Supports multi-projector installation with image edge blending and geometry adjustments