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Canon REALiS WUX450ST Projector - Performance

Posted on May 16, 2016 by Art Feierman
Canon REALiS WUX450ST Projector - Performance:  Brightness, Noise, Networking


Image Mode Lumens* Color Temp.
Standard 3034 8057
Presentation 3653 7620
Photo/sRGB 2668 7172
Dynamic 3621 8149
Video 2239 9134


*  These lumens values would apply to either "White Brightness" or "Color Brightness."  Since this projector has a fixed focal length lens the lumens output does not vary with the setting of a zoom lens.  The maximum lumens that were measured fell short of the manufactured claimed value of 4500 lumens for this model.

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The manufacturer specified the brightness uniformity at 80% and this agrees with my measurement that the dimmest corner was 20% less bright than the center of the image, which represents good performance.

Color uniformity appeared very good when projecting a full white test image.

Operating the projector in its Eco, low powered, lamp mode reduced the image brightness by approx. 30%.

The manufacturer specifics the on/off contrast ratio at 2000:1 and I measured a contrast ratio of 2142:1 when operating in "Standard" image mode.  While well short of the contrast performance of a mid-level home theater projector, this is better real world performance than is possible with most business and education class projectors, including those that are spec'ed to offer much higher values.


The Canon WUX450ST is specified to produce a noise level of 37 dB in normal lamp mode and 30 dB in Eco mode.  These values are similar, or only slighter higher, than many business/education class 3000 to 3500 lumen projectors.  Other projectors with 4000 to 4500 lumens frequently have a noise level similar, or 1 or 2 dB higher than this model.  While the noise level, especially with the projector operating in normal (high power) mode, is certainly very audible, but should not be so loud as to prove distracting when this projector is being used in the intended business or installation environment.  Changing to the “Eco” mode resulted in a noticeable decrease in noise level and to a level only a little louder than a typical home theater projector, when such a projector is operating high lamp mode.


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