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Posted on October 1, 2010 by Art Feierman

General Screen Recommendations

First and foremost - you are talking about some ultimately portable projectors. Will you want to even be carrying a screen?

You can now buy "portable" screens. Elite Screens portable screen for pico projectors for example, is only about one size up in size, compared to a normal sheet of paper (and less than an inch thick when folded). It is a very suitable screen for small and bright presentations, gaming, or, probably what you have in mind, if what you need is a 10 inch diagonal lightweight screen, that fits easily into a briefcase or... There are a variety of small screens out, but finding them might be the biggest problem. If you are working with larger, screens, though, and are portable, you'll probably perfer a white surface with at least some positive gain. Those with a lot of gain will limit the viewing angle, as a trade-off for brightness. Still, you can almost double your effective brightness. (That might be good for one man gaming, but not so hot for a presentation with people sitting in a wide arc).

Shown here is the Elite MicroFlip folding screen. It's functional, and, I imagine, the right kind of solution if you want to present to just one or two people, and are traveling too light to carry your laptop. A pico, running a presentation on a media player, will pair nicely with this sized screen, as a 10 inch screen, will give you some real brightness. The Elite Microflip now comes in 3 sizes - 15, 17.5 and 20 inches diagonal. It represents one type of available screen solution.

As you move up in screen size, to those a lot larger than a sheet of letterhead, you will find portables of different types. Some will open like a scroll. Others might resemble a minature tripod screen.

Getting back to my opening remark in this section, about whether you even want to be carrying a screen.

I must say, when I took the PK301 on our family vacation to Lake Tahoe, the walls were not useable as screen surface, we might have actually watched a couple of movies on the PK301 if we had something in the 30 - 40 inch diagonal size to project to. We could have bought a white sheet. Truth is, the place we rented came with a 40 inch LCDTV and a DVD player. Next time!

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