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Pico Projectors - More Features Found on Some Projectors, Plus, A Typical Pico Projector Tour

Posted on October 1, 2010 by Art Feierman

Features found on Some Pico Projectors

Pico Projector Input Options

As noted earlier, all the pico projectors we've looked at so far offer a composite video input, but other inputs are found on some models.

VGA or HDMI input:

Click Enlarge. So Close.This year, all the projectors but the least expensive - the AAXA P1 Jr., have either a VGA or an HDMI, (or both). If you want to do a computer presentation on the "Jr." use the card slot with .jpg and other image types, and use their media player's presentation abilities. The rest can have a computer hooked up, and present directly from it.

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Card slot input:

This year card slots seem to be more the standard, rather than the exception.

Keep in mind that having a card slot in its own right, does not necessarily determine what you can do. Last year's V10 Plus, for example has a built in media player so that it can show images and videos on a card (or loaded onto its internal memory). This year, as noted, even the low cost P1 Jr, from AAXA has a card slot, and a media player (a pretty capable one too.)

A media player makes sense.

The combination of a card slot (or lots of memory) and a media player solution is that you can use the projector without having to lug the source with you (DVD player, computer, camcorder, etc). Certainly the ability to leave a laptop behind is tempting for presentations.

USB input:

USB is found on most of the projectors we used this time, but, like HDMI below, isn't exactly a standard feature you can count on. Figure out what devices you will use with your projector, and what they have for outputs.


HDMI input:

Last year I wrote: "An HDMI input is probably too much to hope for anytime soon, but why not. More and more home devices, notably DVD players, and higher end game machines now sport an HDMI output". This year I'm pleased to report that half of the projectors do indeed offer an HDMI input!


S-video input:

I'm not aware of any pico projectors that have one, and most likely that will continue. Although there are some advantages to S-video over composite video, I would suspect that USB, and even HDMI would be higher priority than S-video.

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