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Projectors Considered: Standard Projectors 1

Posted on May 6, 2014 by Art Feierman

We wish to thank Epson America for sponsoring this year's Best Classroom Projectors report.

Standard Projectors Considered

Standard Throw Projectors
Projector Model Image Overview Review Specs Type
ASK Proxima C3327W-A ask-c3327wa Overview Review Specs Standard throw, Wired networking
Epson EX5230 epson-ex5230 Overview Review Specs Standard throw, Wired networking, Portable
Epson PowerLite 99W epson-99w Overview Review Specs Standard throw, Wired networking
Panasonic PT-RW430 panasonic-rw430 Overview Review Specs Standard throw, Wired networking
ViewSonic PJD-6544w view-pjd6544w Overview Review Specs Standard throw, Wired networking

ASK Proxima C3327W-A

The ASK Proxima is an LCD type portable or fixed install projector.  This may be a good candidate for a single unit type of purchase, as it lacks the networking found on most of the other (non-pocket) projectors in this report.  Kudos to ASK Proxima:  Brightness proved impressive, just over 3000 lumens with good color!

The projected image looked particularly sharp.

Warranty is a solid 3 years, although no replacement program.  The C3327W lacks the PC free presenting found on many of today’s projectors, that is, no media player built in. Lamp life is a better than most, 4000 hours at full power, 6000 in eco, but there are others as good in this report.  The projector was a bit noisier than many competitors, but still within acceptable range for classroom use!

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The C3327W has a pair of features usually found only in significantly more expensive projectors.  The first is split screen, which can be put to good use.  The other is edge blending, for which you really need a special application (and at least a second projector).  That’s a feature far more likely to be useful in an art display or museum, than a classroom.  Networking is browser based.

Epson EX5230

About 20% less expensive ($599) than the more feature laden PowerLite 99W, the EX5230 is an XGA projector, that offers Epson’s optional wireless networking but lacks the 99W’s wired networking.  Consider the EX5230 a good lower cost alternative where wireless can be used in the classroom but where tying into a system wide network is not part of the plan.  3500 lumens (both color and white lumens) makes this projector extremely bright capable of handling virtually any K-12 classroom or multipurpose room, as well as many college sized classrooms.  At about 5.3 lbs., figure this projector can be mounted, or used portably.

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The lamp is rated 5000 hours at full, and 6000 hours in eco!  For education, replacement cost is only $99!  As with all LCD projectors there is a filter to change, but not very often. The EX5230 will work “PC-free” off of USB, with a built in media player for photos, movies (avi format) and more.  An excellent portable, one limitation as a mounted projector in the classroom is the small sound – a single 2 watt speaker.   Still, that’s as much as any of the solid state (LED, Laser, or hybrid) portables in this report.  Standard warranty is 1 year with a 1 year replacement program, that gets doubled to two years when sold through Epson’s education program.

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