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The Question You're Probably Asking Yourself

Posted on August 17, 2014 by Art Feierman

It’s August 2014:  Do I pull the trigger and buy a projector right now, or wait until CEDIA and IFA shows to learn what’s coming?

As is the case, each year, September brings lots of new projector announcements.  That will have some of you going “should I wait?”   The best answer I can give you is, “maybe.”   Keep in mind that some projectors announced at the September shows, ship immediately (very few), or in Oct/Nov. (more), while others typically will ship in the January to March timeframe.

For example, based on the past, we come to expect new Epson and Panasonic projectors to ship in the Sept/October timeframe.  JVC’s by comparison, tend to ship Jan-March timeframe, so as I write this.  Sony’s been all over the place with their new projector shipments (the HW40Es was released in the spring), but otherwise, more typically November/December.  Optoma and BenQ – the major Taiwanese players in home theater space, seem less trade show announcement focused, so tend to bring out projectors almost any time during the year.  BenQ had announced their W7500 back at the CES show in January, rather than CEDIA the September before, but it shipped shortly after announcement.

So, do you wait?  If it’s August 2014, I would say this:  It couldn’t hurt to wait a few more weeks for the show announcements.  At that point you’ll learn about which projectors are getting replaced, which aren’t, and you’ll be able to make your decision based on more information.   On the other hand, if your are, like me a sports fan – US football, is my favorite, and you don’t yet own a projector, I would say don’t miss another season.  Sure, you might wait for a projector shipping late September or October but don’t miss the season.  For those of you who already are enjoying a projector at home, and are looking to upgrade, you can learn what’s coming in the next few months and make your decision then.

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