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Comments on the Best of the Non-Winners

Posted on August 17, 2014 by Art Feierman

Some quick comments about the best of the non-winners:

ViewSonic PJD7820HD

One of many low cost 1080p projectors that are mostly “crossover” projectors – designed primarily for business/education, but suitable for home entertainment.  What sets this ViewSonic apart from other good, but not exceptional low cost projectors is its 3 year warranty.

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Optoma HD25-LV

A single chip DLP projector with particularly fine black level performance for under $2000.  Color accuracy held this one back.  Calibrating it certainly helped, but it still came up short of the great color we like.

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Panasonic PT-AE8000U

A fine projector even if I prefer the Epson UB projectors that use the same LCD panels.  Not quite as good at black levels or brightness, or warranty, but some interesting features.  It’s the least expensive good projector with lens memory, and motorized zoom and focus (which lens memory needs).  The PT-AE8000U is finishing its second year.

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BenQ W7500

The W7500 is a tough competitor, with good blacks, every good color, and lots of brightness.  It was a serious contender, but its price point was a little too high.  It is selling for more than most of its competitors, in this class, whereas it’s predecessors – the W7000 and the W6000 before it, were priced more competitively.  If prices drop compared to the competition, worth considering.

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Please remember that it’s not which is the best projector, but which is the best projector for your viewing tastes, your room conditions, your budget, etc.  That said, these projectors are the standouts of the reviewed projectors shipping at this time – which is summer of 2014.

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