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  • Ууганбаяр Амгалан

    My projector budget is 1000$ maybe 1500$. Under these budget which projector is better/best/ pls help me? In my opinion maybe benq epson optoma sony vpl


      Hi, It depends on what you plan to use it for, movies, sports, general HDTV, gaming. Also your room conditions. check out a few of our videos to help you figure out all the basics, then read our most recent Best Home Theater Projectors report, which will give you our recommendations and why, at each price point. Good hunting. -art


    To do a 440 foot diagonal wall the first thing you will need is a lot of money. (I assume that would be showing your movie on the side of a dam, or a huge warehouse wall, since there are no movie screens that large in the world today (to the best of my knowledge). You are talking about a picture almost 20 stories tall. If you are serious, I would suggest stacking perhaps a dozen 30,000 lumen projectors. Figure your cost will be at least $10 million dollars, but maybe 5 times that? You will also need a lot of power. You’ll likely be drawing about as much power as a dozen homes with all appliances running. -art

  • Mrgood Nok

    Sorry for 440 feet. It’s in fact 440 inches diagonal. Hope now it will have some respectable solution

  • Roger Brooks

    Got a burning question. I have an older Epson 5010 with 711 hours on it. It’s 15′ away from my 135″ screen. It’s getting long in the tooth so I’m thinking of getting the Epson LS1000. BUT I love the 2400 lumens of the 5010 and the LS10000 only has 1500 lumens. While the room is dark, when we watch 3D movies I always wish it were brighter. Will the LS1000 with a third less lumens end up being a disappointment?


      Hi Roger, Tough call. First understand that with your 5010 at 700 hours it’s lamp brightness is already probably down 20-30%. So figure that at the moment, there’s little difference in brightness between your 5010, running in a bright mode (since we’re talking 3D, Dynamic 3D), and the LS10000.

      Now, “they” say, that based projectors seem brighter, per lumen, but I don’t buy into that, or at least only if it’s a pure laser – not converting to white first using phosphors. So that’s basically the story, the LS10000 should be about as bright as you are getting now, but the laser will, of course dim very, very, slowly. On the “bright side” the LS10000 will blow you away. The question probably should be – wait for a true 4K projector? The LS10000 and the new JVC’s are the only compromises around at the moment, capable of handling 4K copy protected content. Personally, I probably would have bought an LS10000 in the past 6 months, but for the fact that I have lots of projectors here, and, over the last 18 months I’ve had one Sony true 4K projector or another, or the LS10000 here for a total of more than half of that time. Why buy when I can borrow. -art

  • Camzo OG

    Hey need some help from someone real bad. We are moving house pretty soon and was wondering if you could recommend me a projector that is less than $800 1080p (i doubt theres a 4k one for that price), 3D, gives a nice image. It will be for watching blu rays a lot in a room that will be darkened but still kinda light if that makes sense?

    Also need help with a screen got no clue how a lot of this works but I want a decent home cinema in my new house cause I love films 🙂

  • jay

    I just used Epson projector calculator and I cant believe that if you hang it inverted from the celling it would be down almost 4 feet.I was going to buy an Epson 3000 but I guess I cant unless some one knows something I don’t. just a little frustrated

  • jay

    I have an optoma gt750 that hangs down about 4 inches way up out the way, I don’t get it.

  • Dan


    I don’t know if you are still answering here but I will give it a try!

    I live in Thailand and there are only a small number of brands and models in the market compared to the west.

    I am looking for a projector to watch movies at home, mainly sharing the screen of my laptop, expecting a screen size of about 5 to 6 foot high.

    My budget is around $450 USD and at this price there are some Acer, BenQ and Epson models available here. They are:

    Acer P1285:
    DLP (3D) system, XGA (1,024 x 768), Aspect ratio 4:3 (Native), Throw ratio 53″@2m/ 100”@3.78m (1.86 ~ 2.04:1), Contrast ratio 20,000:1, 3,200 ANSI Lumens, Lamp life 4,000 Hours (Standard) / 6,000 Hours (ECO) / 10,000 Hours (ExtremeEco)

    Acer X123PH:
    DLP (3D) system, XGA (1,024 x 768), Aspect ratio 4:3 (Native), Throw Ratio 1.95 to 2.15:1 , Contrast ratio 13,000:1, 3,000 ANSI Lumens, Lamp life 5,000 Hours (Standard) / 6,000 Hours (ECO) / 10,000 Hours (ExtremeEco)

    Epson EB-S31:
    3LCD sytem, SVGA (800 x 600), Native Aspect Ratio 4:3, Throw Ratio 1.45 (Zoom: Wide), 1.96 (Zoom: Tele), Contrast ratio 15,000:1, 3,200 Lumens, Lamp Hours 5,000 hours (Normal) 10,000 Hours (ECO)

    BenQ MX507:
    DLP (3D) system, XGA (1024 x 768)‎‎, Native Aspect Ratio 4:3, Throw Ratio‎ 1.96-2.15 (78″ @ 3.1m)‎‎, Contrast Ratio‎ 13,000:1‎, 3200‎ ANSI Lumens, Lamp Hours 4,500 hours (Normal) / 6,000/6,500/10,000 Hours (ECO)

    BenQ MS521P:
    DLP (3D) system, SVGA (800 x 600)‎, Native Aspect Ratio 4:3, Throw Ratio‎ 1.86-2.04 (53″@2m)‎, Contrast Ratio‎ 13,000:1‎, 3000‎ ANSI Lumens, Lamp Hours 4,500 hours (Normal) / 6,000/6,500/10,000 Hours (ECO)

    I am a bit confused on what to consider most, aspect ratio, resolution, projection system or brand. Do you happen to know these models or telling by the specs above what would you choose?

    Thanks a lot, any info is very much appreciated!



      Hi, and sorry it took so long to get back to you. I’m not happy with any of those choices. If possible, spend a little more, but find a 720p resolution (1280×720, or WXGA resolution (1280×800), that gets you up to standard HD resolution. Here in the states, its often just $50-$100 more for an almost identical model to an XGA one, but higher res. I would suggest probably your best luck would be DLP at that price point. I haven’t reviewed many Acer, but overall, I like BenQ, in fact have owned a couple (long ago).

      Still I’d say if you could get the higher res/right aspect ratio from Acer but not BenQ, I’d say go for the Acer. good hunting -art

      • Dan

        Thank you so much for your reply Art!

        After researching a bit more I realized how much a better resolution matters and also with your comment, no doubts now! I changed my mind and decided to buy online from the UK since I have a friend coming over soon who could bring me the projector.

        What I found on eBay at that price range was the Optoma HD141x which is 1080p. It is already a much better option than any of the models here in this price range.

        Any comments on this one? They claim 3000 Lumens but I heard that is not the case for the color brightness, some people in forums saying it is hilarious to call it a home projector because the colors are not accurate. I am not sure what to expect since it is gonna be my first projector.

        Thanks once again!


  • Pat

    Hello I am looking for a answer to this question and was hoping someone here could heip me decide about upgrading from a
    Panasonic AE8000 that I use with
    multiple screens in a bat cave home theater and am interested in the
    Epson 4040. I am interested how you would compare the black level and
    contrast between the two of them and would it be a upgrade to go from
    the Panasonic to the Epson. Thanks


      Hi Pat, Your PT-AE8000 is pretty old, but it uses Epson’s “UB” quality 3LCD panels, and produces impressive black levels as you know. Over the past 4-5 years, the UB panels have improved I believe, but only slightly. Most of Epson’s improvements in black levels from older to newer UBs come from other improvements – to the light path (engine), dynamic iris, and image processing. But even the equivalent Epson back then, was a little better than the AE8000. (the 6500UB I believe was concurrent, or maybe, the 5010UB.)

      My point is the 4040 won’t be able to match your Panny on the black levels (but it might not be significantly short). Still, for someone coming from the AE8000, I would definitely say go for the 5040UB (white case be damned). They just dropped the price to $2699 this month, and based on some new banners going up next week may be allowing dealers to sell the 5040UB for $2499 (don’t quote me), but I’ve got dealer banners here to go live on 4/16 that say $200 off… BTW your AE had slightly better optics than the older UBs, but the 5040UB has a better lens, which combined with the modified lightpath, probably is also (slightly) but visibly superior to your AE. Enjoy! -art

  • Eric Crawford

    Have you ever heard of the Laser Beam Pro C200? If so any thoughts on it? I know it is pretty new, but it really seems like a nice Pocket Projector, at least on paper anyway. I have been looking for something to play around with but still have a decent image. I have heard that laser light sources give a brighter screen than what it is rated at (this one is 200 lumens). Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


      Greetings Eric, I haven’t seen a Pro C200, but I glanced at Amazon, here are some thoughts. For the price, 200 lumens (even laser) isn’t very much. I haven’t reviewed any laser pico projectors in a few years, but generally the advantage of the laser (over LED) is no focus needed, but then most such products produce images that have a bit of laser effect (there’s a term I can’t think of, at the moment). This is a WXGA projector (slightly higher actually)

      For roughly the Amazon price of $485 you could be looking at the two Optoma’s ML750 (reg – $499, and short throw – $549) 700 lumens, probably bigger better sound, etc. Led engine (long life) etc. Lisa’s reviewed both versions for us. It’s still very small, but bigger than the C200. (Gets a 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon, vs 3.7 for the C200.

      So unless the smaller size is critical… -art

      • Eric Crawford

        I have continued to look around, and the ML750 is a great little projector, but I want the flexibility of battery power. I am leaning towards a LG PH550 now. I was wanting to have something robust and thought a LCoS based system would be better than DLP, the idea of so many tiny mirrors or something with a small color wheel makes me worried about transporting it anywhere or it accidentally falling (I have three little kids).
        I had a UO Smart Beam Laser NX that had 200 Lumens and a is a DLP projector with a Hybrid LED Laser light engine, but my kids knocked it over from knee height on to carpet and it stopped working. I know these things aren’t supposed to be thrown about, but I am now worried about spending another couple of hundred dollars for a paperweight…


          Hi Eric, I wouldn’t worry about DLP technology. The chips themselves (the mirrors) simply don’t break. Since you want battery power check out this projector. We really liked it:
          AAXA has been selling pico and pocket projectors for years in the US. -art

          • Eric Crawford

            To your knowledge, was the image stretching issue on the AAXA at 16:9 fixed? I would like to use it for watching movies with the family as well.