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Samsung Introduces New Premiere Projectors at CES 2024

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By Philip Jones

Samsung, a leading flat panel manufacturer, continues to look for ways to bring immersive images to more customers. A few years ago, they introduced their first Premerie series laser TVs. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, Samsung showcased its next generation of Premiere Laser TVs, which include several notable features to improve performance and functionality.

For example, the new Light Warp feature brings professional-grade projection mapping technology into the home environment for the first time. Light Warp allows the projector to turn any object or surface in the room into an interactive display. This capability opens up tons of possibilities for room design, entertainment, and information display. Imagine projecting dynamic content on walls, tables, and objects, creating customizable dashboards with widgets like clocks or weather updates, or transforming a room into an immersive gaming environment.

Samsung's inclusion of the Gaming Hub in their Premiere series projectors should excite gaming enthusiasts. This feature provides access to thousands of game titles, removing the need for a gaming console. Gaming Hub transforms the projector into a multi-purpose entertainment unit catering to movie lovers and gamers alike. The large screen size and high-quality projection offered by the Premiere models create an immersive gaming experience that is hard to replicate on traditional gaming setups.

Adding to the multifunctional nature of the Premiere projectors, Samsung has integrated smart speaker functionality into the lineup. This feature allows the projectors to be used as smart speakers in the living room, even when the screen projection is off. Whether for playing music, controlling smart home devices, or accessing voice-assisted services, the smart speaker feature adds a layer of convenience and utility, making the Premiere projectors a central component of the smart home ecosystem.

The Premiere 8K

Samsung showcased a new Premiere 8K projector, an updated version of the 8K laser TV prototype demonstrated last year. 8K resolution represents the next big leap in display technology, offering four times the number of pixels as 4K and sixteen times that of Full HD. This increase in pixel density results in incredibly sharp, detailed, and lifelike images.

The rise of 8K displays is driven by consumer desire for a more immersive and realistic viewing experience, particularly in home theaters. The shift toward higher-resolution displays has been a consistent trend. Samsung's Premiere 8K projector showcases the immense potential of 8K technology and how it can enhance the viewing experience.

While 8K content is still emerging, the technology's future-proof nature makes it an attractive option for early adopters and technology enthusiasts. Samsung's Premiere 8K projector is equipped with AI upscaling capabilities, allowing it to transform lower-resolution content into 8K quality, thereby addressing the limited availability of native 8K content.

The unit’s triple-laser light source can deliver 4,000 ANSI lumens of brightness, which promises crisp and vibrant images, even in well-lit rooms. The projector can display images as large as 150 inches with the unit just 12 inches away from the wall, a capability that is especially beneficial for those with limited space.

Premiere 8K Wireless One Connect Box

One of the most groundbreaking features of the Premiere 8K is its wireless connectivity, enabled by Samsung’s Wireless One Connect Box. This technology allows for a clutter-free setup, transmitting content to the projector from up to 10 meters away. The freedom from cables simplifies connectivity and provides a clean appearance.

The Premiere 8K projector includes a 100-watt output with 8.2.2-channel that supports Dolby Atmos. The Sound-on-Screen technology creates an audio experience that feels like the sound is coming from the screen, rather than from separate speakers. This immersive sound technology, coupled with the projector's ultra-high-definition visuals, brings the movie theater experience into the comfort of your home.

The Samsung Premiere 8K projector's combination of wireless connectivity, advanced sound technology, ultra-high-definition visuals, and user-friendly design make it a compelling choice for anyone looking to elevate their home cinema experience.

The Premiere 9 and Premiere 7

Samsung also announced the Premiere 7 and Premiere 9, successors to the well-received LSP7T and LSP9T models. They offer a suite of enhancements and new features that cater to home theater enthusiasts' evolving needs.

The Premiere 7 and Premiere 9 are designed to build upon the strong foundation laid by their predecessors. Both models boast significant upgrades in terms of brightness, providing a more vivid picture. This increase in brightness is particularly beneficial for viewing in various lighting conditions, ensuring that the picture quality remains consistently good.

At the heart of these new models is the Quantum 4K processor, which is designed to enhance the unit's overall picture quality, delivering sharper, more detailed images. The inclusion of this advanced processor underscores Samsung's commitment to providing viewers with the most lifelike and immersive visual experience possible.

The Premiere 7 and 9 models include a built-in Dolby Atmos sound system, offering a theater-like audio experience. This sound technology envelops the viewer in a rich, multidimensional audio environment, making the home cinema experience more immersive. Samsung's addition of Dolby Atmos to these projectors is a testament to its dedication to visual excellence and superior audio quality.

The Premiere 7 and Premiere 9 also continue the sleek and elegant design trend that has become a hallmark of Samsung's projector lineup. Their aesthetics ensure that they can integrate seamlessly into any home theater setup, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall decor.

The Premiere 5

At just 7.9” high by 5.4” wide by 5.4” Deep, the Premiere 5 is the world's most compact triple-laser ultra-short-throw projector, allowing it to be effortlessly integrated into various home settings, from a minimalist living room to a cozy den.

In terms of functionality, the Premiere 5 can project up to a 100-inch image from just 17 inches away from the wall. This makes it ideal for tight spaces and flexible positioning within a room. The automatic adjustments for focus, keystone, and color balance ensure that the image quality is always optimal, regardless of the projector's placement.

Table stand can be used to project on to any surface

The Premerie 5 also includes a tabletop stand; it can project images and information onto any surface. Additionally, it features a customizable dashboard equipped with various widgets such as a clock, sticky notes, and a weather forecast. It also includes interactive touchscreen functionality so users can interact with the interface, explore educational apps, and play games with their fingers.

The Premiere 5's flexibility allows the projector to seamlessly adapt to different usage scenarios, whether it's for watching movies, streaming content, or even as a Bluetooth speaker for audio playback. Audio-wise, the Premiere 5 has a built-in 10W speaker that delivers rich, room-filling sound, complementing its impressive visual capabilities. The ability to also function as a Bluetooth speaker adds to its versatility, making it a comprehensive entertainment device.


Innovative features like Light Warp, Samsung Gaming Hub, and smart speaker functionality significantly enhance the value proposition of Samsung's Premiere projectors. They provide an excellent viewing and audio experience and transform how users interact with content in their living spaces.

The Premiere 8K, Premiere 5, Premiere 7, and Premiere 9 models represent a significant leap forward from previous models, including the Samsung Premiere LSP9T we reviewed a few years ago.

Introducing these projectors highlights Samsung's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in-home entertainment. Cutting-edge features like wireless connectivity, AI upscaling, Sound-on-Screen technology, and Light Warp, offer users an immersive and engaging experience beyond traditional viewing.

The growth of 8K displays and the advantages of projectors over flat panel TVs, particularly in terms of size, immersion, and versatility, underscore the evolving consumer preferences in home entertainment.

As we look ahead, the impact of these projectors on the home theater market is undeniable. Whether for movies, gaming, or creative expression, Samsung's Premiere projectors are geared to enhance every aspect of home entertainment.

Pricing and availability for the new Samsung Premiere models have not been announced yet. We look forward to evaluating these new projectors when they officially hit the market.

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