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Sanyo PLC-XL51 Summary, Pros and Cons

Of course, the PLC-XL50 review describes the strengths and weaknesses of that projector. With the PLC-XL51, the major difference is an increase of 30% in brightness.

The key benefit of the PLC-XL51 is its ultra-short throw abilities. Not only can the projector be set on a table or credenza right under the screen, but it can also be mounted above the screen, on the wall.

In addition, the ultra-short throw capability also makes the XL51 ideal for projecting down onto a floor, or on to a tabletop (either from immediately above or below the tabletop (below, assuming the table surface is similar to a rear projection screen). The list of specialty applications, including rear screen apps, command and control centers, and many types of digital signage. In addition, the positioning capabilities make it ideal for working with electronic whiteboards, or for presentations in general, when presenters want to avoid being blinded by the projector, and avoid blocking the projected image. And, there’s nothing to prevent this Sanyo projector for being equally usable to conventional projectors, in board rooms, training rooms and classrooms. Note, the built in alarm system for anti-theft is a real plus in locations where theft can be a problem, such as classrooms.

Ultra-short throw projectors definitely have a wide range of applications, many of which are not suited for more typical projectors. The ultra-short throw ability makes the Sanyo PLC-XL51, in many ways, a direct competitor to business and educational applications dominated by large plasma and LCD displays. The big difference there, however, is that the Sanyo can produce image sizes up to 100 inch diagonal, for a cost below even the lowest cost 60″ plasma displays.

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Like the PLC-XL50, the PLC-XL51 is an excellent projector, but even brighter. While not everyone needs an ultra-short throw projector, for those that do, the Sanyo PLC-XL51 is going to be very hard to beat.

While a number of other extremely short throw projectors have recently hit the market, including the Epson Powerlite 400W – our next business projector review – all require significantly more distance between projector and screen, even if they can sit much closer than the average projector.

Even for those considering a standard type projector, may find that this Sanyo projector offers many advantages, especially in terms of the cost of installation.