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Sanyo PLV-80 Widescreen Projector - Overview-2

Posted on May 9, 2006 by Art Feierman

Opposite those three buttons, on the right side, are the Auto PC adjust, the Image button and the Select button (Enter).

In the middle, a large redish power off/on button, and below it to the left, i sthe MENU, to the right, the INPUT, and below them, the four arrow keys. It's a very functional layout, and easy to use and navigate around. We'll explore the PLV-80's menus in the Performance section.

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So that takes us to the rear of the Sanyo PLV-80 widescreen projector. The PLV80 is farily well endowed, but as a dual use projector, it could always have more inputs. That said, there is a analog computer input (top left) with a standard HD15 connector, and right next to it is the DVI-D digital input. From the photo, you may note that the area with both of these and Audio 1 is labeled INPUT 1. From the menus, you can select either of those two inputs (analog or digital) for INPUT1. If you want to hook up devices to both, you will need to toggle back and forth from the menu, the Input button on the control panel or the remote only knows it as Input 1.

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INPUT 2 offers 5 BNC connectors, and you can select the full set of them for analog computer or video signals, or just use the traditional three for component video. You'll also note a 2nd audio input is there for INPUT 2

INPUT 3 lets you select from three different types of video signals. Use the yellow RCA jack on the left for standard composite video, use the same yellow, plus blue and red for an additional component video input. Lastly, on the right is an S-Video input, and of course a third audio input, in this case two RCA jacks for left/right, and the right jack will automatically take a mono signal and put it through both speakers, if there is nothing in the left audio jack.

As to indicator lights, from left to right; Lamp Replace, Temperature Warning, Standby/Ready, and Lamp indicator.

That takes care of the basic functionality of the hardware, it's time to consider image quality

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