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Sanyo PLV-Z3 - Layout

Posted on October 18, 2013 by Art Feierman

The first and most obvious feature of the Z3 (available in Silver or Black) is the fold down hinged door protecting the lens and front controls. For those putting the projector in a "multi-purpose room, on a shelf or table, this allows the projector blend in better when not in use (instead of staring at a dust gathering lens, and lots of controls).

Opening this door also activates power. The projector cannot be turned on, with the door closed. Once open, you can see the lens and (facing the projector, to the right above, the horizontal lens shift and to the right, the vertical lens shift controls. These allow you to move the picture up or down, left or right, to get a rectangular image where you need it based on projector and screen location. There are two adjustable feet in the front, although the drop controls are on the side.

Both lens shift controls are rotating wheels, easy to use. The lens itself has a focus ring and a zoom ring. The zoom lens offers a 1.3:1 ratio pretty typical of home theater projectors. In addition there is the aperture control. This allows you to stop down the lens, diminishing brightness, but impressively increasing contrast, to meet Sanyo's best, 2000:1, which rivals most DLP projectors.

As you can see in the provided image, the top of the Sanyo Z3 projector has a full control panel with arrow keys, enter, input (source) select, etc, along with some indicator lights. The power switch is the large clear plastic triangle closest to the front of the projector.

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