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Sanyo PLV-Z3 - Warranty

Posted on October 18, 2013 by Art Feierman

3 years parts and labor, and Sanyo boasts "rapid turnaround" no more than 3 days at their facility. Sanyo pays all freight while under warranty. By comparison, InFocus offers 2 years, and Panasonic only 1! Considering the hefty (normally at least $500-$1000 and possibly a lot more) repair costs for anything major (power supply, lcd's, etc.), a longer warranty is a huge advantage. By comparison, the AE700u has an optional extended warranty - two additional years, which brings it to 3 years total, but expect to pay about $300 extra for that.

I strongly recommend you consider warranty as an important feature. When recommending the Panasonic, I always recommend buying the extra warranty. One year, or even two, just doesn't cut it!

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