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Sharp PG-D3510X DLP Projector - Performance

Posted on April 25, 2010 by Art Feierman


The PG-D3510X is rated at 3500 lumens.  Our experience with the Sharp XG-P560W, which came close to its rated specification, led us to expect the PG-D3510X to perform well, which it did.  In Presentation mode (the brightest), we measured 3423 lumens at mid-zoom range.  The output showed little variation throughout the zoom range.  At full wide zoom, we got 3595 lumens and at full telephoto zoom it was 3267 lumens.  All further measurements were taken at the mid-zoom point.  Using Standard mode, the output dropped to 2539 lumens, which was matched in Game mode.  Movie mode, which, as you would expect, provide the best contrast between dark and light scenes and was best for video viewing, came in at only 1038 lumens.  This was mainly due to the fact that Movie mode, by default, drops the lamp into Eco mode.  Using the normal lamp setting (as used with every other mode) for Movie mode increased the output to 1589 lumens.  sRGB mode, which eliminates the ability to make any adjustments to Contrast, Brightness or Brilliant Color, brought up the rear at 987 lumens.  Overall, the PG-D3510X has plenty of punch for its intended markets, the classroom and conference room.

Dropping the lamp into Eco brightness mode resulted in a drop of about 35%, which was still quite bright in Presentation mode.  It should be noted that the three settings of Brilliant Color (BC) has a great affect on lumen output, as evidenced by the fact that Presentation is on a BC setting of 2 (3423 lumens), Standard is on a BC setting of 1 (2539 lumens) and Movie is on a BC setting of 0 (1589 lumens).


Connecting the PG-D3510X to a computer network via its RJ-45 jack permits access by a web browser and allows for diagnostics and auto e-mail sending.  It also has ability to link to a specific website for service and support.  In addition, there is software available as a free download from Sharp to provide multiple projector management and monitoring for theft prevention.

Audible Noise

The Epson PG-D3510X has a typical noise level (38dB in normal lamp mode) for a data projector.  Fortunately, its built-in 7W speaker provides a high enough volume so there’s no problem overcoming the fan noise.  If a quieter environment is required and maximum lumen output is not necessary, dropping the PG-D3510X into Eco+Quiet lamp mode reduces the noise level to 30 dB.  At this noise level, the PG-D3510X would easily be quiet enough for comfortable video or movie viewing.  For comparison, the noise level of the PG-D3510X in Eco+Quiet mode is about equal to many home theater projectors when running on High lamp power.

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