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Sharp PG-D3510X DLP Projector - Review Summary

Posted on April 25, 2010 by Art Feierman

Sharp PG-D3510X Projector: Bottom Line

We found the PG-D3510X to be a capable performer, providing a sharp, colorful image while achieving its rated lumen output (see the Performance section for details).  While many DLP data projectors have yellowish greens and/or mustardy yellows, the PG-D3510X displayed well-saturated, accurate colors.  Setup was simplified by its on-screen setup guide at startup.  Noise level in normal lamp mode was moderate and consistent with other projectors of this size and brightness.

The Sharp PG-D3510X provides a lot for its relatively low price.  It’s image quality, color rendition and scaling/resizing of higher resolutions is equal to more expensive multimedia projectors.  It provides networking capability (including wireless networking with the optional wireless LAN module) that is not found in much of the competition in this price range (like the recently reviewed Mitsubishi WD510U). Compared to the Mitsubishi WD510U, the PG-D3510X is $300 cheaper, almost as bright and the color reproduction is more accurate.

Overall, the PG-D3510X is a solid, low cost solution for the classroom or conference room requiring network capability.  It displays photos or videos with a sharp picture and good color balance.  Once you add in the long lamp life, Sharps excellent Express Repair replacement plan and technical support, it’s a hard package to beat.

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