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Sharp XV-Z17000 - Projector Screens

Posted on February 15, 2011 by Art Feierman

This gets a bit tricky. When considering a projector screen for this Sharp XV-Z17000 projector, in addition to all the other usual considerations, we have to add 3D into the mix.

Sharp XV-Z17000 Projector Screen Recommendations

I have to presume here, that you plan to watch 3D with your new Sharp XV-Z17000 projector. If you weren't going to, you could save yourself more than $2000 with the older, and 2D only Z15000.

You plan to watch 3D, and that means that this Sharp projector which does a respectable job, still is not going to give you a bright image, on, say, a 100" diagonal, 1.0 gain screen. You will, however get a sufficiently bright image, at least in a room without other major issues.

We're all still learning about which screens are good for 3D. I'm told that 3D DLP (single chip) projectors are the most tolerant of screen types. Apparently, due to the internal polarization schemes used in LCoS and LCD projectors, something called polarization retention becomes important for screens working with those types of projectors.

Since this is a single chip DLP, I presume therefore, that the screens will behave the same in 3D as 2D with this projector.

The 100" high contrast gray in my theater right now, really has been a marginal match up for the Sharp when in 3D. When I was doing the photo shoot, and other viewing down in the testing room, I was filling the 106" Carada Briliant White. That looked a bit better.

Not being a fan of the really high gain screens - 2.0 gain or higher, I don't have one around, but I can see where they just might be worth considering in some situations.

I often recommend high contrast gray screens lowering black levels, but since the Sharp's black levels are already pretty impressive, the higher gain will be more important for most.

Those real high gain screens have a narrow viewing cone, that is, you want to be sitting between the edges of the screen, close to the center. Even in the center with a high gain screen you will normally notice some dimming in the corners, but mostly on nice bright scenes, maybe a blue sky, or clouds. Those screens should also be good at dealing with some side ambient light, and/or allow you a brighter image or larger screen.

For most people I expect pairing with something between a 1.3 and 2+ gain, will make the most sense.

I hope to have the Sharp still here when the new Studiotek 130 (Stewart) screen arrives, and their 3D sliver surface screen as well. If so, I will report back, most likely by blog, with anything interesting. I think it's time to bring in a high gain screen in, one that has good polarization retention, while we're at it.

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