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Sony introduces the VPL-FHZ80 and VPL-FHZ85 installation class projectors

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By Philip Boyle

If you work in the business and education side of the professional projection business, you really need to take a look at two very exciting additions to the existing line of Sony Professional projectors. The two models are the VPL-FHZ80 and the VPL-FHZ85. These two new installation class projectors are rated at 7,300 lumens (8,000 lumens center) and the VPL-FHZ80 at 6,000 lumens (6,500 lumens center). Sony states that the VPL-FHZ85 is the smallest lightest 8000 Lumen 3LCD laser installation projector available on the market today.

Packed with a wide range of valuable features, these two projectors are compelling choices for use in both the business and education markets. In addition to being very bright, each projector features a Sony 3LCD Laser Light Engine, WUXGA resolution, just about every type of input you could need. Both are also incredibly flexible when it comes to installation. Those are just some of their capabilities.

Even those with only a few years experience in this industry know that Sony can produce innovative and often groundbreaking projection features and technology that have consistently set them apart from the competition. For many of us, Sony professional projectors have been part of our shop's offerings for decades. As the hardware that makes up today's professional projectors have become more available and affordable, it's becoming more difficult from a hardware standpoint, for Sony to maintain the significant technological lead they have historically held. There seems to be parity when it comes to hardware advancements between manufacturers in recent years. While Sony has worked hard to drive hardware performance to new levels, they have carved out another area with a significant advantage over their competitors. I'm talking about image processing and automation.

BrightView Keeps Color

Sony Brightview processing technology ensures a more consistent color even as the projector's brightness automatically adjusts up or down in response to changes in the lighting of the room. Lighting conditions are continuously monitored by a sensor built into each of these projectors.

Usually, projectors in this class come in WXGA or WUXGA but both of these projectors display WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution. For those times when you need a higher visible detail without degraded image quality, Sony offers their newly updated Reality Creation algorithm. Over a decade ago, Sony introduced their Reality Creation technology that analyzes displayed images and compares them against Sony's unique pattern database, using pixel remapping to ensure that video, diagrams, and text always look crisp and sharp. Sony's Reality Creation processing technology uses powerful algorithms that boost image resolution even closer to 4K clarity. Reality Text improves the visibility of characters and is ideal for presenting in conference rooms and classrooms.

These settings extend the life of the projector

Both the VPL-FHZ80 and the VPL-FHZ85 projectors utilize Intelligent settings to simplify installation and maximize the projector's performance. The intelligent application of these technologies measures room brightness, automatically adjusting Bright View mode, color gain, and Reality Creation to suit your presentation environment. These adjustments are all based on projector usage, image detail, color richness and fidelity, light output, cooling level, and output noise.

The VPL-FHZ80 and the VPL-FHZ85 provide what Sony refers to as a class-leading vertical +70% lens shift adjustment range. Enjoy greater flexibility to position the projector in more restricted spaces without distracting the audience and presenter with the projector's light source.

Ultimate Install Flexibility

While we are on the topic of lenses, in addition to the supplied standard lens, Sony offers a range of optional lenses designed to suit virtually any size room and throw requirements. Sony's bayonet-style lens mounting system provides a quick release to simplify and speed up the process of swapping lenses.

Lenses are not the only things that can be quickly and easily set up on these two new projectors. The new Data Cloning feature makes copying settings from one projector to another via a USB flash memory drive easy. You'll appreciate the time savings when installing and setting up multiple projectors.

Sony 3LCD Laser Light Engine

The VPL-FHZ80 and VPL-FHZ85 offer a sealed light engine so dust can't accumulate, which helps maintain image brightness and clarity over the projector's lifetime. The dedicated cooling duct for the projector's 3LCD panels is covered with an air filter to prevent dust from entering. The VPL-FHZ85 helps minimize time spent on routine maintenance through the projector's automated filter cleaning system that removes dust every 100 hours, ensuring unrestricted clean air intake for optimized cooling. Sometimes it's the little things that can help you save time and money and keep your technicians safer by not having them up on ladders as often to clean or change air filters.

The compact and light chassis enhances installation flexibility

The last thing I want to talk about is Sony's choice of the design language in these projectors. The FHZ80 and FHZ85 both feature a slim, stylish body with a flat-top surface. This minimalist design not only looks good but offers the practical value of allowing the projector to fit unobtrusively into almost any installation space when the projector is ceiling-mounted.

Theresa Alesso, Pro Division President at Sony Electronics, had the following to say,

"As we continue to bring more robust and purpose-built projection solutions to market, we've addressed our customers' struggle to find options that provide both brightness and exceptional image quality,"

"With the VPL-FHZ85's 8,000 lumens center, we've done just that, while building on Sony's legacy developing feature-rich laser projectors that are easy to install, operate and maintain, all while presenting an optimal, authentic picture."

These two new Sony professional projectors are competitively featured, offer a 5-year warranty, are priced at an MSRP of $5,899 (VPL-FHZ80) and $6,999 (VPL-FHZ85), and should be available for purchase in early January 2022.

For more information about the VPL-FHZ80 and VPL-FHZ85, go-to And be sure to visit for our full projector breakdown and review when review samples become available.

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