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Sony VPL-HW30ES Projector - Performance-2

Posted on October 5, 2011 by Art Feierman

Sony VPL-HW30ES Pre-Calibration Color temp, Cinema Mode:

Color Temp over IRE Range (Best Mode, Pre calibration):

Cinema 1(best) Cinema 3
30 IRE 7018 7632
50 IRE 6779 7261
80 IRE 6796 7007
100 IRE 6715 6712

As you can see, the Cinema 1 mode was the best "right out of the box" without adjustment. It's a trifle on the cool side, just a touch thin on red. Cinema 3, was cooler still, so Mike based his D65 calibration on Cinema 1.

Mike calibrated and came up with the results below

VPL-HW30ES Color Temp over IRE Range (Post calibration):
20 IRE 6148
30 IRE 6487
40 IRE 6550
50 IRE 6560
60 IR 6553
70 IR 6573
80 IR 6568
90 IRE 6531
100 IRE 6699
 Average gamma= 2.25

Now that looks much better, although there is a shift to red below 30 IRE. That may be detectable on occasion as a slight red shift in the blacks/near black. Mostly you wouldn't notice unless you freeze a black image. Even on dark scenes from The Dark Knight, Hunt for Red October, and Casino Royale, I never noticed the shift under normal viewing.

Mike's Notes: Color is quite accurate on Normal color space.  No need for CMS with that setting.  Any other setting has oversaturated greens, but might be more useful for 3D.  Cinema 2 is too red and Photo is about the same.  Game is pretty much the same as Cinema 3, which is pretty good.

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