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Sony VPL-VW1100ES 4K Projector - Calibration & Settings

Posted on January 3, 2015 by Art Feierman

Sony VPL-VW1100ES General Settings

VPL-VW1100ES Calibration Settings - General
Reference TV Cinema Film 1 Cinema Film 2 Cinema Digital
Contrast = (Max) (Max) (Max) (Max) (90) 98
Brightness = (50) 50 54 54 53 52
Color = (50) (50) (50) (50) (50)
Tint = (50) (50) (50) (50) (50)
Color Temp = (D65) (D65) (D65) (DCI) (DCI)
Color Space = (BT.709) (CS1) (DCI) (DCI) (DCI)
Gamma = (Off) (2.4) (Off) (Off) (2.4)
Iris = (Off) (Auto Full) (Auto Full) (Auto Limited) (Off)


VPL-VW1100ES Calibration Settings - General
Photo Bright Cinema Bright TV Game
Contrast = (Max) (Max) (Max) (Max)
Brightness = (50) 50 53 54 50
Color = (50) (50) (60) (55)
Tint = (50) (50) (50) (50)
Color Temp = (D55) (D65) (D93) (D65)
Color Space = (BT.709) (CS3) (CS2) (BT.709)
Gamma = (Off) (Off) (2.4) (2.1)
Iris = (Off) (Auto Full) (Auto Full) (Off)

Lamp Mode=High (unless noted otherwise)

All other settings at default (untouched)

Color Temp over IRE range, Best Mode (Pre calibration)
30 IRE 6103 6257
50 IRE 6280 6557
80 IRE 6187 6509
100 IRE 6325 6639

NOTE:  Although TV has slightly better numbers, the RGB balance of Reference is better, making it the better choice for without calibration.

VPL-VW1100ES Calibration

Sony VW1100ES Calibration
Custom Color Space 3
Gain R= -6
G= 0
B= 1
Offset R= 0
G= 0
B= -2
Lumens at 100 IRE 1514 @ 6814

Calibration settings for Reference:

Color Temp on Custom 3, Iris off, Gamma on Off, Color Space on BT.709, all other settings on default or as previously stated.

Mike's General Notes

As was the case with the VW1000ES, the brightest mode was arguably also the best mode.  Reference mode, which puts out over 1500 lumens, has good RGB balance, being only slightly red in the higher IRE range.  TV mode was very close to Reference mode in RGB balance, but at much lower lumen output.  It also used Color Space 1, which is provides an expanded gamut.

As usual, Sony provides a range of color spaces that make using a CMS unnecessary.  Nonetheless, it’s odd that a projector in this price range doesn’t have a CMS.  BT.709 was just about right on the Rec. 709 standard, with a chromaticity error that rarely exceeded 1%, with a maximum of 2.2% in one instance.  This is excellent performance that is sometimes not achievable in projectors that do have a CMS.  The other color spaces expanded the gamut to varying degrees.  Color Space 1 and Adobe RGB expand the gamut the most.  There is also an even wider DCI color space, which is designed to conform to the DCI standard.

Mike's Grayscale Calibration Notes

Reference mode calibrated quite well, with an average Delta E of 1.2, with a peak of 2.9 at 20 IRE.  Gamma is the same if set to 2.2 or OFF, coming in at a 2.17 average.  If set to 2.4, average gamma is 2.34.  There is also the ability to set a custom gamma if you desire something in between the two.

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