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    WoW …. No 3D Review!

    This means that true what people are saying about this projector that the 3D
    very bad.

    What a shame Projector cost a fortune and can not offer a good 3D 🙁

    • ProjectorReviews.com

      Hi Alain,

      I didn’t even realize that I never mentioned 3D (I’ll have to look to be sure I didn’t talk about it somewhere in the review.

      As with many projectors, the 3D wasn’t bad, wasn’t great. First I don’t recalibrate for 3D, and one almost always needs the brightest possible 3D, so color is almost always off. DLP projectors are just plain better at 3D due to no inherent crosstalk. The VW1100’es crosstalk was fairly typical of 3LCD or LCoS projectors. I would have to consider it better than the JVC RS6710 I also reviewed earlier this year.

      But then, for the most part, 3D movies tend to be the “fun” type. Animations, action films, you know the drill, MIB III, Transformers, the last Harry Potter. More serious 3D movies also tend to be especially rich in CGI: Avatar and Hugo…

      For that reason, in my reviews I tend to treat 3D as something I’d really want to be excellent, but realize that most people will not be able to have 3D performance that rivals, or comes close to 2D. Still, I love my 3D movies, with or without crosstalk. It would be nice if 3D was as clean as 2D, but for the most part, we’re not there yet. Even, as I pointed out above, if the 3D is very clean, color is usually off (but in some cases can be properly calibrated, but the other issue is that one still expects no more than 1/3 the brightness of 2D which means we’re already struggling with “not quite bright enough” with almost any projector setup. -art


    Many thanks for the prompt reply.I really trust your reviews More than any other reviewers and I really appreciate your hard work.

    It’s clear to me now….
    I have a small request Take care of the “3D” in your reviews.

    Best wishes to you.

    • ProjectorReviews.com

      I’ll try to do better when it comes to 3D. I should because I enjoy it so much. -art