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Sony VPL-VW60: 1080p Home Theater Projector Review – Image Quality-5

Here’s the re-entry image from Space Cowboys. Click on the thumbnail image for an overexposed version, and look for the details on the right side. This image is found on most recent reviews:

Click to enlarge. SO close

Now for a more balanced scene (where dynamic irises are not very effective). The left thumbnail when clicked on shows a cropped area. This scene has extremely bright areas, and dark. Look at these overexposed images to details of the satellite on the left side. The left thumbnail is the Sony VW60, the right one, the JVC RS1:

Click Image to Enlarge
VPL-VW60 spacecowboys walk2 over lg
JVC RS-1 spacecowboys satcropLarge

One thing you can see in the two images above, is that the Sony is more overexposed than the JVC. Sorry about that. In fact the JVC image is notably darker. Yet despite the large difference in exposure, the JVC shows about as much dark detail. If I had a more overexposed image of the JVC, likely you would find the shadow details a notch better than the Sony. Both, however are excellent, especially compared to the other competition.