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Sony VPL-VW60 Projector Warranty

Posted on December 10, 2007 by Art Feierman

Sony's 2 year warranty is about typical in the industry. There are plenty of two year parts and labor warranties out there

Among the popular competition, the Sanyo Z2000 offers 3 years, the Epson Home Cinema series has 2 years, with an overnight replacement program for both years. Mitsubishi offers two years on the HC6000, and Optoma offers two years on their HD80. In addition, JVC offers 2 years on their DLA-RS1 and RS2, Optoma provides three years on the HD81 and HD81-LV, and BenQ provides 1 year on their W9000 and 3 years with a 1st year replacement on their flagship W10000.

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Is two years enough? If the Sony VW60 is truly the right projector for you, it's likely a long term keeper, in that case, two years seems short especially considering that third party extended warranties are very inexpensive.

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If, on the other you are part hobbiest and will be craving the usual trade-up every 2-3 years (in the quest for perfection, and something new to play with), then an extended warranty makes less sense.

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