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Edge Blending

If you need more light output or want to utilize multiple projectors to display a larger, wider aspect image, many projectors are equipped with several features to make that goal easier. By utilizing Edge Blending, you can split an image over multiple projectors and display it as one large image while reducing the hard transition from one projector to another. Under the Blend Range menu’s sub-setting, you can fine-tune the blend’s starting position and the width of the blended area. You can use the projector’s Black Level setting to make the difference even less noticeable. The result is an image that looks seamless, like it’s being displayed by a single projector. However, Edge Blending can’t be combined with pixel shifting but that is okay in many situations where maximum flexibility is more important than absolute resolution. Laser projectors are ideal for edge blending applications. Projectors with laser light engines offer a significant advantage over a bulb-based system in a long-term projector blended installation. If multiple lamp-based projectors are used, not only would the bulbs fail regularly, they will dim at different rates, causing color and brightness shifts. You would need to replace all the bulbs each time one failed to ensure similar characteristics and some additional calibration would probably still be required to produce ideal picture quality.
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