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CEDIA 2012 The Search for Projectors - Begins

Greetings, short and sweet notes: First, we have "first look" short articles on all 5 new Epson projectors and the Panasonic. I got to work with them a week or two ago, but am finally allowed to share the info. Today, I should see a number of other new projectors, including the New Mitsubishi HC7900DW and HC8000D. I meet with Mitsubishi at 2pm. I also have meetings today with Screen Innovations, Epson, Sony, Stewart Filmscreen, and a Runco press conference. Busy day. I'll try to keep you folks informed best I can. Had some trouble with Spreaker - my audio podcasts via twitter notification. Hope to have that working later today, as well. Hang in there, should be some fun new projectors this year. -art

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