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Epson 3D Projector - Exists!

8/22 - My apologies. I have pulled down the images of the "rumored Epson".  I've done this at Epson's request, and I understand their issues, and I'm not here with the goal of being the first to reveal ultra super secret photos of the 2016 Mercedes AMG, or the latest pics of the Kardashians.  So basically I didn't have a real problem with that.  Well, it was fun while it lasted.  They assure me "accurate photos" soon? OK, I published some minimal rumors I picked up, just last week.  Today, I have something exciting for you: One of you readers (thanks) sent me a link to a website (outside the US) that has what appears to be professional product shots done of the new Epson 3D projector.   I sure hope he's right about that.  It's been almost a year since I saw the Epson reflective panel projectors that never hit the market.  I don't exactly remember what those looked like, so I am truly hoping these images are of the new Epson 3D projector.  Since the website had some commentary (in Spanish- which I didn't read), I presume they have it right. OK folks here are some images for you.  I've shrunk them down to fit here.  Sadly, nothing else yet to report (more next week, I'm rather sure), but the photos are pretty, so enjoy!


Here are some more images - click on these thumbnails of Epson's new 3D home theater projector for a closer look! -art    

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