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Epson Home Cinema 8500UB Projector, 9500UB Projector Redline update

Greetings Epson fans? OK, I'm still getting some emails, asking current status, and finally, I got a "the word" out of Epson Friday (or was it late Thursday)? Per Epson, the problem has been fixed, there should be no remaining inventory out in the field - (at dealers), capable of having the problem. The problem was caused by a bad value in one of the color tables or related.  I've asked for a more in-depth explanation, but I'm not really expecting one.  For me, my interest in details are primarily curiosity.  I'll report if I do learn more, but, I'm not going to pursue it.  (Don't ask me!) Epson has been taking care of everyone calling in.  If you have had the red line problem, there is no reason not to call immediately, and since they'll send out the replacement before you have to send yours in to them, no downside in terms of being without. You could deal with your Epson dealer, but, that will cost you both time, and money.  Dealers are not going to be paying your freight, and they can't perform the fix.  CALL Epson. If, somehow you call the Epson number you have (the Private line number that comes with every Epson projector (and takes you directly to projector support).  Main Epson numbers probably get you to a generalist (you know, Epson makes 100s of printers for every projector). So, call the right number. If somehow, you get someone who does not know what you are talking about when you say you have red lines...  hey, ask for a supervisor.   Epson says everyone's in the loop, but, hey, just in case... Epson management actually sent me a brief statement to share with you.  Here ya go, word for word: "Epson has developed a fix to correct the "red line" occurrence that has been reported in a very small percentage of units.  It is a simple and effective software enhancement to correct a color value that was being incorrectly interpreted.  This software fix has been implemented in all units moving forward. A small number of units in the channel were not returned to Epson for implementation once the fix had been developed. If any customers are experiencing this issue, they can contact Epson directly at 800-637-7661 (use PIN on PrivateLine Support Card) for assistance from support specialists who are familiar with correcting the occurrence.  As always, Epson is committed to providing our customers with the best in service and support for our front projector products." OK.  I want to point out: The middle paragraph there is an interesting one.  This relates to the fact that a handful of new owners who bought around mid-Feb, apparently received units capable of  the red line problem.  I think what they are trying to re-affirm, is that you can now buy in confidence that all units now out there should be free of the issue. Final word.  One more time: If you've got a red line Epson, Call them.  Get it taken care of.   They say they are waiting!  -art

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