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Epson Launching New Pro Cinema 6020 Projector


Epson Pro Cinema 6020 Projector - 3D, Bright, great warranty

This little blog on the new Epson Pro Cinema 6020, is a very similar blog to the one on the 5010 projector.  After all, these two projectors are about 95% the same. Expect the Epson Pro Cinema 6020 to only be sold by local installing dealers.  Also expect the 6020 to share the same improvements in contrast and black levels as the 5020 offers. Brightness should be the same 2400 lumens as last year's version.  This year however, we expect the Pro Cinema 6020 to fix my old complaint of no dynamic iris, or other dynamic features when in 3D mode.  I think you can take that improvement "to the bank" - that is, I'm pretty certain about that, at least as far as the dynamic iris goes. I expect other dynamic features to also work, but, I'll wait to see, to confirm.  As with the older projector, the 6020 projector has two THX modes!  We liked those last year, so we are glad to see them back (and now, in the 5020 as well). Black finish of course, for your dedicated home theater, the Epson Pro Cinema 6020 is, of course 3D capable, with new 2D to 3D conversion abilities, lighter 3D active glasses, that are now RF instead of IR, and are rechargeable instead of needing batteries from time to time. Like its sibling, the HC5020, it seems that there have been a number of small, to significant improvements, especially in 3D.  Can't wait to meet an Epson 6020 projector close up and run it through its paces! As in the past, this Pro Cinema projector comes with 3 years warranty, and a replacement program for all three! Look for our review in the next month or so!   Oh, probably they'll give us the 5020 first, but we will have the 6020 covered!   It looks like the Epson 6020 is just a 6010, with improvements in a number of areas, nothing wrong with that.  I should note that I'm expecting some improvement in lag times as well?  That will be good news for serious gamers!    Stay tuned! BTW, The $3000+ price (expected) for the Pro Cinema 6020 will include their usual - a spare lamp, ceiling mount, and longer warranty than the Home Cinema "version." I will be meeting with Epson at noon Thursday, Sept. 6th at CEDIA.  Expect at least a "spreaker" podcast right after the meeting.  Blogging will probably only happen in the evening (between parties). Stay tuned for more on Epson's flagship Pro Cinema 6020 projector.  -art PS. Those claimed 2400 lumens are both "white" lumens, and Color lumens measurements.  Not sure what CLO (color light output) is all about? It's a new, very useful standard, so check out our new video on it which should be posted by tomorrow!  You'll find it in the Projector Reviews TV tab/directory on our main site's homepage:

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