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Epson Launching Nine New Home Theater Projectors at CEDIA

Epson Pro Cinema 31000

Meet the new Epson Pro Cinema 31000 projector

It's almost CEDIA time, and today Epson gave us a lot of info on the nine new home theater projectors they will show next week. Prices are still to be set, as are delivery dates, but we'll give you the best idea we can.  There are three home projector groups:
  • Replacements - 4 - for the current Home Cinema 8000 and Pro Cinema 9000 series
  • New High End Projector line sporting three models
  • Two new MovieMate all in one projectors
To keep things less cluttered, below is a quick sentence or two on each projector, but,  I will follow this blog entry with three more blogs Here's the quick version:   The Epson Replacement Projectors:  The new Home Cinema 8350 (replacing the 8100), and the Home Cinema 8700UB projector, (replacing the 8500UB), will have enhanced performance. Most notably, the Home  Cinema 8350, the entry level model, gets the D7 C2Fine LCD chips, which have only been in the Epson UB (ultra black series) til now.  That should translate into a noticeable black level improvement.  The 8700UB now offers support for an anamorphic lens and sled. There are, of course, two matching Pro Cinema versions, the Pro Cinema 9350 and 9700.  Pricing also not set, expect them to be bundled with mounts and spare lamps, as the Pro's always have been.  Look for similar improvements in the Pro models. --- Epson Home Cinema 21000, and Pro Cinema 31000 and 61000 Reflective 3LCD projectors. The two Epson new premium projectors claim a mere 500,000:1 contrast while the top of the line 61000 boasts a cool 1,000,000:1 (and that's without using an LED light source)!  These new Epson's still use a dynamic iris.  I can't wait...  And wait until you see some of the goodies the Pro Cinema 61000 offers! Expect these projectors to be competing with the generally more expensive LCoS and DLP projectors.  I like the idea of more good technologies to choose from. -- Finally, two new MovieMates - the 85HD being 720p HD resolution, which is the highest resolution I'm aware of, in an all-in-one projector (as was it's predecessor).  These should be shipping any day, so plenty of time to pick one up for fall sports.  Get a keg, put a white sheet up on the back of your house, and invite the gang over for Monday Night Football!  Of course they have built in DVD players, 10 watt speakers and have lots of connectivity. OK, for more info, look for the other three blogs over the next 24 hours.  I'll try to get things going by doing the new higher end series first... -art

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