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Happy New Year - shutting down now, until Saturday

Greetings! This is it, for 2008.  First thanks to all of you for a very successful year for  We saw a 30% increase in visitor traffic, and pumped out more reviews than any previous year. Friends are arriving from Las Vegas, San Diego, and LA, for new years in a few minutes.  Many of us are off to the Rose Bowl tomorrow to watch (hopefully) Penn State lay a whooping on USC.  (no offense Trojans, but you are due)! As such, I'm "shutting down" for the year, after I post this. When I return to "work" (not likely to be before Saturday evening), here's what's up: Finishing the competitors section of the 6500UB review, and some other minor stuff in that review. Working on posting an "update" -  I received a new version of the Elite Acoustic screen that I reviewed early 2008.  The new one has a different (better) surface, and a black backing. Working on a review of the Gefen wireless HDMI solution And, of course, working on the Epson Home Cinema 6100 review. If that isn't enough to do, before leaving for Las Vegas, for the CES show, on the 7th, I may well get out a first look blog on the already in-house SIM2 D80E DLP projector. And I'll continue to harass JVC, who was supposed to send me an RS10 10 days ago. Have a great 2009.  To our regulars and "newbies" - keep upgrading - perhaps we AV home theater enthusiasts can pull the entire US economy out of recession on our bootstraps.  Hey, someone has to do it. Best to all!  -art - and also from Lori (wife, operations, database manager, and proofer), Lisa (daughter and day to day webmaster), Scott (long time webmaster - major projects), Darren (SEO stud), and Mike (neighbor, chief calibrator, writer, and new friend)     🙂

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