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HC3800 projector - Availability

Greetings all, As per my comment in a previous blog about the HC3800, I'm getting the word from Mitsubishi that dealers will be starting to get the "new improved" units as soon as early next week.  I don't know for sure, which dealers, but I suspect the larger online dealers will be the first, simply because they likely buy direct and not through distributors, so new product gets to them faster in many cases.   I will, at least, ask the 4 or 5 dealers that advertise on our site (which pretty much are all well known online AV dealers), to let me know when they have received new projectors. As I've stated, Mitsubishi US already has received projectors that have the fix.  I gather it won't be long at all until everyone is happy! Finally: I have a question for any of you that have an HC3800 that's shutting down.  Did it pretty much start doing it when you first got it, or did it take dozens or hundreds of hours before the projector started shutting down?  -art

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