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Greetings again, time to let you know what's in the works. It's lower end home projector time.  We've recently reviewed the Acer H6510BD, the BenQ W1070 and W1080ST, all under $1300 projectors (as low as the Acer's $799!)  Well, there's more coming. Currently I'm reviewing the Optoma HD25-LV, a very bright projector claiming 3200 lumens. That review should be live by Friday night, this week.  I'm already writing it up, but Lisa, who processes, scales, etc. all our images, still has to do this image batch for me.  The HD25-LV is "rough around the edges" (see my last post). Since I mentioned the brightness, we only measured about 2000 lumens, but that seems typical for Optoma who tends to be far more optimistic than most.  (We don't care what a manufacturer claims, only what the projector delivers.) Next up for my reviewing is a little cross-over projector, the Viewsonic PJD7820HD.  This is a most interesting $699 projector, that very closely resembles the reviewed Acer H6510BD, which we recently published. They may have different brand names, but they are obviously coming out of the same factory, with far more similarities than differences. The good news about this forthcoming Viewsonic, is that it does not suffer that same "rough around the edges" problem of the Acer.  It comes with two user savable modes.   By comparison, that makes it a pleasure to work with. Unless I find something compellingly wrong with the Viewsonic PJD7820HD, it will have to be considered both a better projector, and choice for people considering both it and the Acer 6510BD. There's more:  Epson Home Cinema 750HD.  This is Epson's low cost entry level home entertainment projector.  It's got a good feature set, but is only 720p.  Since I'm slammed here, Tony's going to handle that review.  Let's give him a couple of weeks because he's also working on an Optoma ML550 a high brightness Pocket Projector. Of course our redesigned website is almost ready. We expect it to go live in four to five weeks.  I'd put up a timer, doing a countdown (usually "cool") but we're talking web development, and times tend to slip.  This redesign was supposed to be ready June 1, (per the web designer) although I never believed that was viable. I had thought, though that July 1 was practical, OK, I'm an optimist. For those with some interest in non-home projectors, we're about to review a  Mitsubishi and  a Panasonic projector both with solid state light source (you know some combination of Laser, LED, one, the other, both...).  The Mitsubishi is from their LaserVue projector line while the Panasonic inbound is one of their Solid Shine projectors.  (Mitsubishi definitely beats the Panasonic in terms of naming them.) What makes these possibly interesting to you is hefty brightness.  Talk about a media room projector, consider one of the Pansasonic projector models.  While they are sending me a 720p (really WXGA) they also are offering a 1080p version.  That's awesome potential for a media room (or a sports bar) with 3500 lumens in a single chip design.  Can't wait to see what they can do.  These Mits and Panny projectors are not inexpensive, they are serious "business projectors" that should easily outperform low cost but 3000 and 3500 more entry level projectors. Stay tuned.  -art

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