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Home Theater Spotlight: The Simple Elegance of a Dark Room

Home Theater Spotlight: The Simple Elegance of a Dark Room

Designing your home theater is such a fun and personal experience. Some prefer creating themed home theaters, like those seen in our social posts on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, with themes like Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Batman, bohemian, or a classic art deco style. Then, there are those who are all about the picture – those who want no distractions from the screen and design their home theaters to create a totally immersive experience.

We discovered one such theater from one of our followers, Mark H., who built his custom home theater 11 years ago and, “wouldn’t change a thing about the interior.” That’s the dream – having a space to watch movies that is so perfect for you that you wouldn’t change anything about the design! Sure, he makes upgrades to his projector every few years, but is still waiting on that perfect one (aren’t we all?). Looking at his photos, I can see why he loves this custom theater just the way it is.

Home Theater Spotlight: The Simple Elegance of a Dark Room Construction

Designed by a world-class acoustics architect, the theater features custom acoustic treatments along all four walls. The photo above shows all that went into creating the theater before it was “dressed up.” The final design features black velvet on the walls, which is excellent for soaking up ambient light. He’s got a two-tiered seating area that allows for nine people to easily view the screen, and plush theater chairs with cup holders for maximum comfort. The carefully-thought-out lighting design also adds a nice flair to the room, but come viewing time, those guys will be off. The result? A fully darkened home theater where there’s nothing but you, your favorite people, and the big screen experience with impressive audio quality. Who could ask for more?

Click here to see more photos of Mark’s custom home theater, complete with commentary, and to check out the equipment he’s running in the room. Want to share your own home theater? Send us your photos! Email or message us on Facebook to connect.

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