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JVC DLA-RS6710 Projector - Review in the works

The DLA-RS6710U projector is arguably the best 1080p projector on the market. The DLA-RS6710 is the same projector as the DLA-RS67U and DLA-X900R, sold through different channels. The full RS6710 projector review will publish within the week.

Oh there are some at over 5x the price, that are much brighter, and have other advantages, but if you are shopping at a price point that is less than that of a Mazda Miata ($25K or so), this JVC makes a compelling argument as the best for your watching of 1080p content in 2D.

One could describe the RS6710U and it's identical siblings as a purist's projector.  It sports great color post calibration (and pretty good color even before.  Nothing comes close to it in terms of black level performance.  Brightness is very good, if not quite the brightest out there.  (It could definitely use more lumens for 3D - but what projector doesn't - although it's a little weaker there than some competition).

As the projector was borrowed from a dealer (it was a B-stock) - thank you to AV Science.

In the review, I not only look at all the usual performance aspects - where the JVC does great, but also at it's ability to handle 4K content - and it's pixel shifting e-Shift3 (which we've also taken a long look at in the JVC RS4910 review).

Here's the one concern.  This JVC lacks HDMI 2.0 and HDCP (copy protection) 2.2.  Those are the standards set for Blu-ray UHD - which means for getting your hands on quality true 4K content.

JVC DLA-RS6710 Home Theater Projector - $12,495

JVC DLA-RS6710 Home Theater Projector - $12,495

To me that's a huge concern, but the verdict is out.  It is quite possible that when they hit the market (when?) that an HDCP 2.2 /  HDMI 2.0 compliant outboard image processor might allow the JVC to work with Blu-ray UHD.

But at this time, I certainly can't promise that, nor can I estimate what a 4K image processor that would do the trick might cost a year from now - well after Blu-ray UHD start shipping - $1000?  (unlikely?)  $3000 or less?  (probably).  But will it work?

OK, for those of you familiar with the JVC family, there aren't any surprises in this blog.  I've even thrown in a few images for your consideration.   (I wasn't able to use any of the 4K content on my Sony 4K media player (which uses the 4K download service), because that player doesn't like devices without HDCP 2.2 (see - typical), but I borrowed a Red Ray player without HDCP content, so I've got some good images for you in 4K  (the Snap On, and it's closeup), and the last image.

The full JVC DLA-RS6710U review will publish in the next week.   I'm actually off to Hawaii for some vacation for the week, but will get that posted while there - (I'm leaving in two days.)  So stay tuned!

I also plan to publish a comparison between this JVC and Epson's LS10000.  That should be very interesting.  The Epson's got a lot going for it including Blu-ray UHD compatibility (HDCP 2.2 / HDMI 2.0), and pixel shifting, but still can't match those awesome blacks that this JVC does almost effortlessly.

Finally, when this review is completed, and a couple other things I need to do, I will write up and publish this year's Best Home Theater Projectors - Report, and give our our annual Best In Class awards?

Will this JVC win (the over $3500 category), or that Epson?  Or one of the two true 4K Sony projectors - the VPL-VW600Es and VPL-VW1100ES?

I certainly haven't sorted that out yet, so you'll just have to wait until probably mid-May to find out.

That's it for now, check out the JVC review in a few days!  Aloha! -art

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