Local Gamer wanted – To Review Home Projectors for Gaming Abilities

Greetings all,

Lots of readers have asked about gaming on various home theater projectors.

OK, I’ve concluded that I’ll never be a real gamer – certainly not one with the gaming experience, etc. to make good judgement calls on whether a given projector is particularly good, bad, or otherwise, when it comes to playing various types of games, be it WOW, or Carbon Canyon, or…Sonic?

So, here’s the story:   I’m looking for an experienced gamer, living somewhere near San Clemente CA. (half way between LA and San Diego).

This person ideally is both a PC gamer and PS/3 or XBox  (even Wii counts, but, hey, it’s still not as high end…)

Said person would evaluate various home projectors for key issues such as how good is the response time, picture quality (many projectors end up too dark on dark scenes (ie. WOW), and other issues.

Most likely “testing” would be done at my location.   I already have PS/3’s and a Wii.  I can add XBox 360 if really needed. Since I’m looking for a PC gamer, that person would help me purchase and configure a pretty high end gaming PC, which would be installed in my location, to be used by our “Projector Gaming Master.”

Once a process is set up, I imagine, the testing per projector shouldn’t take more than an hour or two, to cover both PC and game machine options.

The individual I’m looking for, would probably have the option of evaluating up to 20 projectors a year, but likely more like a dozen or so.

My gaming expert would be an independent contractor.  Said person would be contracted one projector at a time, or perhaps several over a period of time.  Very “part time” only a few hours a month, most likely, and that depending on what projectors…  But, it should be fun.   And, if the gamer can write reasonably well, I may want to launch a blog about gaming and projectors on the site.  If that was the case, I’d be looking for someone to blog about once a month.  This would be separate from testing the projectors/gaming.

So, OK, you hard core gamers, anyone nearby, have skills, and want to make a few bucks?

Students also welcome.  Must have own transportation.   Since the desired person will be an independent contractor contracted for on as needed basis, they should be flexible.  Testing will be done here (with rare exceptions), in the daytime, or the evening.  Those are details that can be worked out.  While this may be about gaming, I’m looking for someone I can count on.

BTW, some of that gaming in 2011, is almost certain to include 3D gaming.

If local, skilled (at gaming), and interested, contact me at [email protected]

thanks! -art

News and Comments

  • Eli

    How about you send me the projectors and I review them for gaming and send them back to you!!

    That would be nice!! 😀

    • Eli, of course, I’ve already shipped them… -art

  • Peter

    Really wish I lived closer Art.

    I have 360/Wii/ps3 and my gaming pc hooked up to my 6500UB.

    I would love to spend a few hours a week on some other setups seeing what they can do.

    Best of luck


  • Matthieu

    I already played Avatar 3D on my Xbox 360 on my Panasonic 50VT20 (VT25 in the US) It looks really good.
    I’ll expect that this will be at least as good on the new JVC Beamers.

    That gamer is so lucky to be in your team.
    I wish I lived nearby myself.
    This will be an amazing job for students, I know my son would have liked this.

    Good luck with this project.
    A fantastic idea.

  • Scott

    Hi Art,

    I can help you with building the gaming rig, not sure how high end you want to go. You may have had offers already. I live near Tustin Marketplace, not too far from you. I am mainly a PC gamer, I occasionally play on the Wii, and PS3. I have an Epson 8700UB currently, I have a HTPC hooked up to that. I have a Steam account with about 50+ games. I sent you an e-mail too, not sure which you will check first.

    • Hi Scott,

      Wow, that’s close enough. (and you have good taste in projectors – not a bad thing). drop me an email directly – [email protected], and let’s discuss next week! -art

  • Scott

    Has this been pushed to the back of the line?

    • Not at all. Just buried. Need to start this in the next 4 weeks. hang in there! -art