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Mitsubishi Launches HC8000D and HC7900DW

I met with Mitsubishi yesterday at CEDIA. Mitsubishi is launching two new projectors at CEDIA.  The HC7900DW, the replacement for the HC7800D that we have reviewed.  I'm sure you are wondering about the W in the name.  Easy, stands for a white case, rather than the black case of the HC7800D, but the real improvements are under the hood. A big theme with Mitsubishi is their proprietary 2D-3D engine, which they claim looks very close to the quality of viewing original 3D content.  That's a really strong claim we will look into when the first of the Mitsubishi's arrive for review.  The HC7900DW is brighter than its predecessor, now claiming 1500 lumens.  That's a real plus, due to the need for a bright projector for 3D which loses roughly 75% of brightness compared to 2D.  Black levels should improve based on a new, higher 150,000:1 contrast ratio. Mitsubishi sees the HC7900DW as a versatile projector, usable in family rooms, or theaters.  They also talk up their lamp life which they say will last up to 5000 hours.  This HC7900DW will be available from local dealers and online dealers while our next subject, the HC8000D is targeting the home theater. Sporting 1300 lumens, the HC8000 is also 3D capable (glasses optional), with Mitsubishi offering proprietary 3D glasses they demonstrated were brighter than the universal glasses that are also compatible. This will allow some folks who have them, to bring their glasses to your house to watch 3D, so you won't need to buy as many pair of your own.  An interesting selling point! A 330,000:1 contrast ratio should insure impressive "ultra-high contrast black levels".  How good?  Wait for the review.  It is available only from local authorized Mitsubishi dealers, as has been tradition with Mitsubishi with their top of the line projectors. That's it for now.  -art

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