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New Epson 3D Projectors - a major Correction

Greetings, I'll keep this short and sweet.  I will immediately be updating the key previous blog on the new projectors as well as the "First Look" Previews posted on the main website. My error, I had mis-understood that the e models, the Home Cinema 3010e and the Home Cinema 5010e  would differ by offering wirelessHD, instead of 3D, for the same price.  (I've got to learn to listen better.) As it turns out, the Home Cinema 3010e has both 3D and WirelessHD, by comparison, the Home Cinema 3010 has 3D but no Wireless HD. I had the price correct for the Home Cinema 3010, at $1599, but the Home Cinema 3010e, with both capabilities, will be $1799. The same story for the Home Cinema 5010 and 5010e: Expect the Home Cinema 5010e to cost a bit more than the Home Cinema 5010, due to the addition of the WirelessHD, but so far Epson hasn't released any prices.  We expect that to happen on Thursday.  I'll be meeting with them, on Thursday, so look for an update from me later that day. Finally, the Epson Pro Cinema 6010 projector, as the flagship, also has both 3D and Wireless HD. That's it, sorry about my error.  -art

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