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New Panasonic Home Theater Projector - From Infocomm

6/15/11 Update: Panasonic's first 1080p 3D home theater projector, was just announced here at Infocomm.  The forthcoming 3D projector from Panasonic, will be shown at the CEDIA show in September, and will ship sometime after that, but before year end. They released little information beyond that, but visit Art's home theater blog to learn all we know, and some speculation, or click here to read the Panasonic press release (one sentence long).  This Panasonic 3D home theater projector will eventually replace the PT-AE4000. -art Greetings all, Panasonic will have a new 3D ready home theater projector before the end of 2011. Figure that will be after the CEDIA show - which means after September. This is exciting news. As many of you know, Panasonic has only been selling one home theater projector, the PT-AE4000, for the last year since they discontinued the lower cost PT-AX200U. The PT-AE4000 also happens to be almost two years old. Unlike others - they didn't announce any new home theater projectors last year at CEDIA. For years Panasonic was the number one seller of home theater projectors in the US, but when you cut your product line in half, that's got to cost you market share. This new 3D Panasonic home theater projector doesn't have a name yet. When Panasonic announced it the other day, they provided almost no info beyond that there will be one. In fact it was a single sentence announcement. I think Panasonic felt it important to let the world, and its fans know their still in the game! Panasonic also introduced a number of commercial projectors but that's news for our other blog. Pricing is totally unknown but, since they did say this projector would replace the PT-AE4000, I'll speculate only this: Panasonic may well be priced well below the other 1080p 3D projectors out there from Sharp, Sony, and JVC, all of which are at least $4495 (JVC), The Sharp is $4995 - that would be the already reviewed XV-Z17000 projector. The others are the $8000 JVC, the $12000 JVC, and the $10,000 Sony VPL-VW90ES. Panasonic wouldn't even tell me if it was 3LCD or something else. All previous Panasonic home theater projectors have been 3LCD. I've already seen some blog sites say it is, but, I'm pretty certain they didn't hear that from Panasonic - so, call it a rumor. Remember that the PT-AE4000 sells for under $2000. I figure it would therefore be unlikely that Panasonic would replace it with a projector costing twice as much or more. So, if my guess is correct, it should price somewhere between $2000 ($2K is unlikely but, you never know), and $4000. My "best guess" based on no information but that "replacement" statement, that it is the forthcoming 3D home theater from Panasonic might price at $2995. I'll be really impressed if I'm right (at the price and that I guessed it). Now that would be truly exciting. Unfortunately we'll almost certainly have to wait 3 months until CEDIA to find out. Otherwise not much exciting news here at the show, for home theater (it's a show for the commercial display industry (including projectors of course). But I do have a few rumors to report about more home theater projectors, which I'll write in separate blogs while flying back from Orlando to San Clemente (California) tomorrow evening. Stay tuned! -art

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