New Projectors at CEDIA – Sony and JVC

Greetings, Just a couple of quick notes on the new JVC’s and a touch more on Sony projectors.

JVC’s been busy. They’ve replaced the RS40, RS50 and RS60, with their new DLA-RS45, RS55 and RS65. Each has new features, and should also prove to be brighter doing 3D than last year’s models. I’ll touch on some of that, but let’s run through the pricing because there’s something really noteworthy there.

Although JVC’s DLA-RS55 and DLA-RS65 are priced the same as their last year’s equivalents, the DLA-RS45 gets a $1000 price drop to $3495. That brings JVC 3D projection down where a lot more folks can afford it.

The two higher end models, RS55 and RS65, now offer pixel adjustment in 1/16th pixel increments unlike last year’s 1 pixel shift.
And you can adjust the shifting in 21 separate zones, or do the whole screen at once. The lower end models still offer the 1 pixel width adjust. Keep in mind, of course, that 1 pixel adjust doesn’t affect the 1:1 pixel mapping.

JVC also offers e-shift, which smooths out the image, by repeating the frame with a slight shift. I have no idea if this is inherently the same, or similar to Panasonic’s long standing SmoothScreen technology, but even when up close, pixel structure further disappears, and remember, LCoS is really good to start.
I’ve seen some press refer to the new ones as 4k, but, it isn’t really, because they repeat the image twice with slight shifting, it’s still can’t be sharper then, and is actually softer than pure 2k (1080p). I didn’t realize we needed this for LCoS panels because I never saw the pixel structure as a problem at normal seating distances. It nicely softens menus and other text though.
I didn’t see the old HD250Pro, or a replacement, and I don’t recall, them mentioning it, but I have their press kit, which should have more info. I won’t get to look at that, though until I’m back at my hotel.

Also new from JVC is the new 110, which comes finished in white, and is designed for more commercial applications, but still maintains many of the same features. BTW, like the RS45, it lacks the full color CMS of the RS55 and RS65. An immediate thought though, is that it may prove to be very competent in family rooms etc, as it is the brightest of the group.

Sadly they were only showing the RS45 doing 3D (looked good), but the RS55/65 only doing 2D.

JVC says, that lamps, and other features will make this year’s RS55 and RS65 brighter in 3D than last year’s.

More after the show, as we get the specs pages up, and I have more time to comment.

JVC said most models would be shipping in Novemeber, with the white one in October, I think.

Moving on to Sony – Didn’t see it work but Sony has a new projector they showed at IFA in Europe. I’ve been to their press conference but not their theater in their booth – heading there next. The big news, of course is their new 4K VPL-VW1000ES, but last year’s VPL-VW90ES gets replaced with the Sony VPL-VW95ES, which is inherently similar, but a main new difference is lamp dimming technology that they say allows the VW95ES to be a brighter in 3D, while running cooler.

BTW, Sony’s $799 OLED lit, 3D headgear is impressive, it’s heavy but balances well when put on. It’s full HD with the panels about 1 inch from your eyes. It’s a little out of our normal, but I’ve asked to review one. It’s just that cool.

Finally, I got the tour at Epson, but I’ll do an Epson blog later – I saw both the 6010, their new flagship 2D, and 3D projector, in one theater, and the 61000 in their other. Yes, the 61000 first shown last year, is back. Like the 3D projectors – November shipments. -art

News and Comments

  • Ed Rue

    Will the new JVCs have lens memory? The old ones already had everything motorized, but for some reason do not support lens memory. I am hoping the new ones will add the lens memory feature.

    • Ed, the answer is yes, I believe it’s on the RS45 and up models. -art

  • Ivan

    Art, everywhere else I’ve read states that the Sony 3D headset is 720p, but you state that it’s full HD (1080p). Do you know which is correct? Also, can you comment on the immersiveness of the experience, is it truly analogous to looking at a big screen from close up, or does your mind still recognize that you’re looking at two tiny displays from very close up?

    Great site and blog, keep up the good work 🙂

    • Ivan, I blew it. You are correct, it’s 720p, as I’ve answered some others, I really wasn’t paying much attention – the new 1000ES had my full attention. I only put them on at the end out of curiosity. As I’ve seen low res “glasses” over the years and they are were pretty bad. This was far better. I’ve even asked for one to come in I’m going to take a quick look myself, but shoot them over to either Pete, or Scott S to see if they are good for gaming, which might be very cool, and those guys are likely to wear them for hours and hours while gaming, something I have no desire to do. -art

  • Clayton

    I have a panasonic pt-ae4000 and i realy love this projector. I decide to upgrade my projector and the jvc rs45 (x30) will be my first choise. So, i ready in someplace the price for rs45 like 4500$, so, the price is 3500$ or 4500$ ? Thanks for your help.

    • Clayton, the price in the US is $3495, or $3499. The RS45 looks pretty good at the show, but take your time. I believe they are talking November shipments here, and a whole lot of competition in 3D projectors at that price. I’m mostly advising my readers to relax for a month or so, with the hope I can get several of them reviewed. I hope, for example to have the Sony HW30ES, Epson 5010, PT-AE7000, Mitsubishi HC7800D in for review in the next 8 weeks.

      I am so looking forward to having several in here at the same time. Mike’s going to be really busy calibrating. -art

  • Matthieu

    You saw the JVC RS45 in 3D playing.
    Was it a lot brighter than the RS40?
    Comparable to what you already have seen from the concurents?

    • Matthieu, hard to say, watching content I don’t know on a screen size and gain I don’t use, in a pretty “black” environment, I’m not used to. Thing is, I don’t know if JVC’s sending out review projectors this year. The line I got was basically, they expect to have so many orders that they may not have any review units. Tsk! tsk! That’s also what they told me last year after the aborted RS60 review – due to brightness. I was unable to get the RS40, RS50, or the HD250Pro out of them last year. The only way I was able to review the HD250 was by borrowing one from an end user… They are the only player of any interest at all, who didn’t commit to getting me review projectors at the show. Sony, Panasonic, Epson, SIM2, Runco, and others have all promised, with only the “when” in question.

      As such, I fear it may be like last year, and you guys will just have to trust JVC, if they don’t put out review projectors to us reviewers. We shall see. They’ve got a strong dealer channel, so they may well feel, they don’t have to. But, this show we got to see the Epson 61000 again, and this time they swear it will ship before year end – more specifically November (but manufacturers can slip a bit). I’m looking forward to putting the 61000 up against my RS20. Which does better blacks, anyone’s guess at this point, but my money says the Epson won’t have any trouble matching, and beating the RS45, assuming it isn’t improved over the RS40 in blacks.

      Interesting how the brands can shift positions. JVC has the RS45 priced, down with many of the other new 3D projectors – Sony, Epson 5010, Panasonic, etc… Perhaps slightly still on the high side of some of those, but at $3500, if we can actually land an RS45 (I am not hopeful), it would be competing in our $2K – $3500 category for the reports. -art

  • david

    Hello from Spain. In Europe does not speak of DLA RS4800 ¿Does watching you if this is higher than the new X30/RS45?
    thanks and congratulations for his reviews.

    • david, the 4800 is a hybrid, some features of the 55 some of the 45. Price in the US, I believe is $7495, almost that of the RS55. However, the 4800 has been created specifically for a different distribution channel of dealers though the AVID group, I believe. In other words, an alternative version when you buy from those dealers. This isn’t too much different than what Epson does with their Home and Pro Cinema series, except that Epson has a number of home and a number of pro projectors, whereas JVC has their home and pro distribution RS45 vs X30, as well. But those projectors are basically identical but for the model numbers. Best of my knowledge it will only be available in the US. -a