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One More New Sony Projector at CEDIA: VPL-HW65ES

I already mentioned this when writing about new projectors shown at IFA a couple of months back. At CEDIA, Sony was showing the VPL-HW65ES, its replacement for the HW55ES.  So what are the improvements you ask? Let's start with 3D. 3D on the HW65ES is now RF based, rather than IR.  A small improvement, but a good one.  Now let's get to the "good stuff." The basics:  The VPL-HW65ES is an LCoS projector with a list price of $3999.  It is brighter than its predecessor with 1800 lumens (ok that's only 100 more lumens).  The contrast ratio remains 120,000:1.  (Dynamic contrast - measured in conjunction with dynamic iris operation).  When one arrives for review, we should be able to judge whether there is enough difference in picture to make you choose the HW65ES over the HW55ES while both are available. The HW65ES is supposed to start shipping next week. (Oct. 2015). Lamp life has also been extended, now offering up to 6000 hours in eco mode, most impressive!

The new Sony VPL-HW65ES, brighter, improved over the HW55ES.

  USB functionality is built in to allow for user updates. These improvements add up to a better projector for the same price as its predecessor.  For the most part, the improvements are small steps, but add it all up, and it's a better projector with a lower cost of operation. This Sony's biggest competition will be Epson's UB series projectors and the new JVC X5000 / DLA-RS400.  I'm looking forward to reviewing it - but not as much as Sony's new 4K projectors. You will find my comments on Sony's new 4K projectors and other projectors at CEDIA, in both in this blog, in our Info and Guides tab, and in Ron's "The Technical Side - of Home Theater" blog. Most impressive, of course was Sony's new flagship 4K projector, the VPL-VW5000ES with its laser light engine. It has serious performance, and it looks serious too, more industrial than the rest of the Sony lineup.  (Here's what $60,000 and 4K resolution  looks like):
Sony VPL-VW5000ES

VPL-VW5000ES - Awesome, 4K laser projector!


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